Thursday, May 26, 2011

Of Ryan and Nenek :p

I have the flu :( and I desperately wants to go home...

Ryan caught the flu from nenek, naturally it is passed to me. With all the food sharing, snot wiping etc. On top of his flu, his got one of his mild asthma attack when he was at home alone with Nenek on Friday while I was at work. My mum panicked (drama as always) and demanded that we go to the hospital first thing when I came home.

Upon checking his heart rate/breathing pattern etc I decided to give him his Ventolin instead and he was breathing better after that, but the flu prevented recovery. I can hear phlegm building up in his chest, so I decided to pump it out using his nasal aspirator and manually vomit it out of him (grossest thing ever but you got to do what you got to do). Ryan managed to sleep for 5 hours straight that night but was down with a mild fever on Monday so my dad and I brought him to his paed.

Nothing serious, upper tract was clear, no infection, breathing a bit rapid, so the doc and I discussed on putting Ryan on preventive medication to minimize further asthma attacks, on top of his normal Ventolin (used as a reliever during attacks) he's on Budesonide (a type of preventive inhaler for the next 3 months). His flu improved almost immediately but the effect of Budesonide for his asthma can only be seen after 3-4 weeks. Insyallah all will be well.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about my mum's reaction actually. She was on my case over my choice of medication, treatment etc. and it was driving me nuts. Since Lan is not around to back me up (biasalah when the menantu is around, my mum is more "PC" with her opinions :p) , my mum was bugging me to go to our normal GP for nebulizer (wth??), imparting all sorts of opinions from her colleagues on treatments etc (like I care what Dr si Ayu tu buat to her baby-whoever she is) and reprimanding me for my lack of shall I say "action" (I was a cool cucumber hehe

I love my mum but she tends to go overboard when it comes to Ryan and she take it so personally when I don't listen to her. I know she brought us up well and perfect (haha) but sometimes she just need to let me do my job. Macamla I will do anything to jeopardize Ryan's health.

I grow up with half of the family being asthmatic. My dad, my sis even I have mild asthma. I've seen my cousin turn blue when he was about 6 months old. If anything, I've learn a few very important thing from my aunt who was a doctor -THOU SHALL NOT PANIC, every child is different and do your own research.

I guess it is normal, every child is their parent's baby, and my mum is finding it hard to accept that her youngest daughter is a mum in her own right too. Maybe I'll be like this when my children are all grown up, who knows? I should be thankful that my mum cares enough, kan :p I know some grandparents won't even bother hehehe

I'm not complaining (not really hahaha) but I'm ecstatic that Lan is home today and I can go back to my own crib :p As for Ryan who dah "berlemak" duduk ngan atuk and nenek for 2 weeks, get ready to reenter the Azlan-Farhanna boot camp where bedtime is at 9pm and no such thing as endless Elmo/Cars marathon *hahaha evil laugh*

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