Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ryan Turns TWO :)

Date: 20 December 2011
Occasion: Ryan's 2nd Birthday

We didn't do much on Ryan's birthday this year since mummy was just one week into her pantang at that time. However, Lan and I was all prepared with his presents a week before. Ryan woke up to huge boxes of presents which he excitedly open :) He got a new keyboard from atuk, a desk from nenek, Playskool Car Garage from mummy, Thomas the Train beginner set from daddy, books from Mak Long & Pak Long, a Mega Bloks Truck from Wan Sue and a mini bike from his aunts from Jalan Kebun :) Alhamdullilah, murah rezeki anak mummy, kan?

The celebration was pretty minimal this year but that does not make it any less special :) Mummy loves you very much and you are in my prayers every single second of the day. May you grow up to be a soleh, responsible,loving, intelligent, handsome young man and please be a good brother to your sisters. Ya Allah please bless my son with love, health and happiness always *insyallah*

Currently, I know you may feel a bit "threatened" having to compete for attention with two new babies at once but please be assured that you'll always be my favourite baby boy. You're very special sweetheart that is why Allah choose to give you twin sisters because he knows you have so much love in your heart :) Not everyone is as lucky.

Mummy and daddy sayang you infinity ok Muhammad Ryan Daniel :)

The birthday tidbits for Ryan's classmates. Yummy chocolate covered Oreos courtesy of Daddy. Love the Cars and Upin and Ipin edible images

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