Friday, November 2, 2012

Ze Latest Addition :)

I've been thinking of replacing my Blackberry Bold 2 to for quite some time but despite the arrival of a whole range of smart phones last year nothing grab my attention enough for me to replace my beloved BB. I was also telling myself not to be "tamak" since I just got the Galaxy Tab for my bday this year.

Lo and behold, during my random conversation with En.Azlan a few weeks back, he suddenly proposed to get me a new phone under the condition that I loan him either my Ipod Touch/G.Tab during the day for him to use at work. You know what they say "rezeki jangan ditolak?" Naturally, I said YES ;p

I was set on an Android because Iphones are just too fragile for butterfingers me :p so it was a choice between the new Galaxy Note 2 or Samsung SIII. The features is about the same so I went for design and since I've never been a fan of the Note family which I've liken to be so "gedabak" and it feels like talking with a calculator, I chose the SIII to join my lil' gadget family. Anyway I have my tab for media viewing and other stuff :)

I've been using the phone for about a week now and I have to say that I'm very very happy with it :)
That is my short review on zee phone, have an awesome weekend everyone. I'm going back to Perak tomorrow, what is your weekend activity???

Meet Lil S in her cute pinky winky outfit :)

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