Thursday, June 20, 2013

Clone City....

The twins had their 1 1/2 year medical check up with our favorite pediatrician last week. He was asking a series of questions about the twins developments and milestones. I know the drill very well since I've done all this with Ryan but the challenge is now to remember details for TWO babies instead of one. I'm kinda ashamed to admit that though I know roughly when who said and did what, I didn't really keep a close track of the twins milestone as I did with Ryan :p

I think most parents who had more than one child have been through this. First child developments would usually be recorded and memorized to a T. You'll get overly excited over practically everything they do/say: first words, first food, first smile blah blah blah.... I even have a binder full of gorgeously decorated scrapbook of Ryan's pictures lying somewhere in my living room. My plans for the twins scrapbook didn't go pass the second page (at least for the moment) and I do feel bad for them. Oh well at least I have IG to document their "childhood journey". 

I can envisioned sometime in the future where the girls would be pulling out photo albums filled with abang pictures and a smaller collection of albums for them (the same happened to me when I was 10 and made a comparison between the 15 pictures albums of my sister and a meager 3 under my name. I was convinced my parents didn't love me as much then.. but I know better now, the love me more... hahaha)

Speaking of milestones, people are usually suprised to find out that my girls who may look identical does not share the same traits and temperaments. To tell you the truth I don't really understand why. I mean yes they were conceived around the same time and share the same womb but technically they're still two different individuals. It is a bit unrealistic to expect that just because Iman likes salmon, Ranya would love them too, right? 

The one thing that bugs me though is the comparing, the whole "kenapa adik can do this" "why kakak is a faster runner" etc. Why must compare ahh? I don't even compare the twins development with Ryan. As long as everything is normal and on track, everyone can do what they want :p It would be really nice is everyone is allowed to thrive  and grow as individuals rather than having to adhere to the whole 'herd mentality. One more thing just because Iman is 2 minutes older, please don't expect her to be better behave and "know better". 

The next time someone ask me this question, I would just provide my answer in the sweetest manner but ladle with sarcasm "they're twins not clones" (my 15 year old self, would have added the "duh" at the end of the sentence but my 30 year old self would "try" to smile)

Anyway let me share with you a funny conversation I had with Ryan who is 42 months young today :)
Ryan was insisting on something so I told him "Ryan sabar boleh.. sabar tu separuh dari Iman tau"
Ryan's answer? "mummy ni Ryan laaa bukan Iman" 
Hahaha  *speechless*

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