Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Picture Perfect (Not) Moments :)

When you have small children, please keep in mind, NOTHING IS SIMPLE and your best friend is to always PREPARE..PREPARE..PREPARE especially when you're planning for a family photo shoot

This is my second experience doing a  family photo shoot. The first was 3 years ago, when Ryan was around 5 months. We did all the necessary preparations and this is how I prepared for my family photo shoot with my children:
1. Choose a theme colour (coming up with outfits that matches, but not too matchy-matchy is not an easy task)
2. Select the best time (morning, after feed, but not during nap time and too late in the afternoon)
3. Bring "distractors" -i.e. a favourite toy/props to coaxed his attention
4. Check out the location beforehand and tentatively think of some "pose plans" -i.e. how, where, outfit changes etc
5. Hope and pray for the best......

The only problem with the first shoot was because Ryan was so tiny, we only managed to get very minimal poses from him. (Duh!! What was I expecting from a 5 months old who was barely crawling at the time, huh??) So this time around I waited for the twins to be a bit older instead.

Verdict : I got the "action" that I wanted alright. The twins was running, twirling, going from one end to another and getting a nice shot from them was almost impossible. I think we took a gabijillion photos from the shoot, but the only workable ones that I got to choose for editing was around 45. Thank god I can find 10 pretty pics from the lot. I'm a bit sad though that the photographer did not manage to capture a nice pic of the siblings together.

Ryan was the "poser champ" he was posing like nobody business (inherited trait from the mother :p and since he is older and he understood the whole concept of a photoshoot), Ranya is "learning", she showed some interest in posing and was very cooperative when we tried to dress her up in different props and costume. Iman... was seriously testing MY iman on that day (pun intended) I tell you, this little girl put up her "bored-est" face, if there is such word and refused to be posed (inherited trait from the dad haha). You put her in a pose, and 3 seconds later she's running to another direction and of course her twin will follow *sigh* I look forward to taking photos with them during raya *NOT!!!* 

Anyway, I don't think I'll be planning for another photo shoot in the near future or I will at least wait until the girls can understand my directions and can react well to threats (hahaha). Enjoy some of the pics and have a good weekend everyone.

Look at Iman's face thinking of her exit strategy :p
Mummy and daughters
My fave pic of my boys.. too cute..
My lil fairy and my mini bookworm
He told the "uncle" he wanted to pose like this :p


Sha said...

Masyaallah.. your children are just too cute..

Mami Illysha & Iris said...

photoshoot kat mana?

And Ryan.. geramnya!! Dahlah rongak!

~f@R~ said...

Sha: Thanks babe. Alhamdullilah

Kak Ira: Kat Dataran Prima. Stumbled over them through Groupon deal. Sangat murah n berbaloi compare tu Ryan's 1st photoshoot kat Picture Company.. That cost me a bomb :( anak first terlebih excited time tu haha

Izyan Darling said...

which one is Iman, which one is Ranya? the pics look great btw. nampak candid & spontaneous rather than 'posey-posey' and the twins are just adorable in those matching dresses!

~f@R~ said...

Izyan: Err... I think the one in the pink shirtdress is Iman and in blue is Ranya, yang tutu dress tu yg pakai wings confirm Ranya.. hahaha mak dia pun dah confused :p