Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Twins Hari Raya #OOTD

Before doing a proper Hari Raya post, I'm gonna post a fluff post on the girls Hari Raya outfits :) Having "A" girl is great, having twin girls? AWESOME especially when it comes to dressing them up. I had so much fun shopping for their "coordinated" but not too matchy-matchy Raya outfits. 

Shopping takes on an entirely different spin nowadays, having to take into consideration, what they have and new thing they need (or I think they need) Too bad I'm still not successful in getting them to be interested in accessories. Shoes, they love (yeay!!) but headbands, hair ribbons and the likes of it, usually don't stay long on their head and would be yanked off after a few seconds -__-

Day 1 Aidilfitri : Pink Peplum Cupcakes Baju Kurung. I've had the cuppies material for ages and finally found the right use for it :) so I got 2 contrasting material for the tops because I'm not keen on making identical clothes for the girls. Majorly adorable (I'm their mum, I can over compliment my children if I want too :p)
Day 2 Aidilfitri: Green Daisy Top and Yellow skinnies on Ranya and Green Tulip Dress on Iman from Gymboree for our Raya in Malacca :)
Day 3 Aidilfitri: Najavo Print dresses from The Children Place for a swinging day in Bertam Jaya :) They had on a different DVF Gap Dress later on the day when we were in Merlimau but too bad I didn't manage to snap any decent pic of it...
Day 4 Aidilfitri: My fave outfit on the girls are these matching navy dresses with chevron prints from Baby Gap. Awesome pussom all camera ready for our Raya in Tanjung Malim hehehe
Day 5 Aidilfitri : For their Pak Lang's engagement on Monday they had on these gorgeous dresses we got from GM Klang. Green chiffon dresses with flower applique and beading :) Value for money

Day 6 Aidilfitri : another fave outfit.. recycled Upin and Ipin outfits courtesy of Ryan's wardrobe which he generously "donated" to dedek. Heheheh

Day 6 Aidilfitri (the girls 2nd #ootd for beraya) : bow tops from Trudy and Teddy and Tutu skirts from GM Klang :)
This is what you get when you want to post something but don't really have the time to type down a proper entry : a boring (but cute) outfit postings, be thankful at least it is not a selfie of myself hahaha. Selamat Hari Raya all and Happy Working (or not) !!!

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