Thursday, August 1, 2013

My sweet little man…

A few days ago, I came back from a very stressful day in the office and he greeted me with a smile and said “eeee lawanya mummy, macam princess”

He kept on wanting to see my c-section scars, and everytime he would look at me pitifully and say “kesiannya mummy Ryan, doctor cut nak keluarkan adik” 

A few weeks ago I wasn’t feeling well and he sat next to me and gave me a head rub because I told him I had a headache (ok it was more like tepuk-tepuk but still…)

I had a disagreement with him and walked away; he came to me with this sad lil face, extended his hand and declared “Mummy, Ayen soyyyiee… (10 seconds later he will forget his apologies and goes on to do some other mischievous behavior but still…) 

Yesterday, Iman was crying over something and he went to her, patted her head and said “dah dah jangan nangis, Aye ada sini”

He’s also very protective over his sisters, if Lan or I would reprimand the twins he’ll come in between us and his sisters and would shout “mummy/daddy jangan marah adik (ohhh but it is ok if he’s doing the screaming to them but still…) 

I must be doing SOMETHING right… Alhamdullilah


Mami Illysha & Iris said...

Bestkan bila anak dah boleh "tolong jaga" adik dia! Rasa macam dah besar dah anak kita....

In fact, kalau akak tengok Illysha, sure akak akan cakap.. "dah besar dah anak mami ni"... *tetiba teringat masa dia masih baby*

isk isk isk

~f@R~ said...

Kak Ira: Kan? sekejap je dah besar... kadang2 Far panggil dia baby kecik pun he will answer back "Ryan big boy la mummy" sedihhhh pun ada hehe