Thursday, October 3, 2013

Reebok is getting married....

Another "member" of Ferum 7 will be joining "alam perkahwinan" soon :) As a part of our tradition, we decided to throw the bride to be - Reebok (bukan nama sebenar haha) a Geisha Hen Party. This is the group 4th birthday shower, so we were literally scrambling for ideas to find a different theme, suitable to the bride's personality and preference. Hope she enjoyed herself...Anyway my task was deco's and party favors.I forgot to take the final deco pic but I think it turn out pretty cute even if I say so myself :p

What is a geisha party without the headgear huh? As always with most of my DIY project, I visualize the end product in my head. I don't plan everything to a T so this is a results of leftovers felts, headband, glue, glitter, origami papers and flowers :)

Next in line -> Photobooth props. You can buy ready made ones from those shops available online but I say why waste money?  esp since you can make all these using Microsoft words. Print it out, get some sticks (lidi sate) and it is all ready for major cam-ho session. Anyway my efforts was totally worth it since the bride decided to recycle it and use it during her wedding day...
Another idea for place mats... I bought a few mini bottle, put the attendees name on it and printed some friendship quotes for the inside... own message in the bottle...
what are parties without favors, right? I used a bunch of old envelopes as the wrapper. Knowing the girls, most of them are not exactly the sentimental type that will keep wrapping paper :p  so why waste??
Cath helped me hunt for these cuties. A fan in honour of the theme (and to be used on hot days) and a mirror because my friends love mirrors and it is one gift I know all of them would appreciate (hahaha) I totally caught Tinie using this minutes after she unwrapped the packaging...

We had an awesome lunch in Minori Royale Bintang, Damansara. The food was good and price was reasonable. The best of all we had our own private room, which was real cool since we had plan for some wedding shower games, which would be totally awkward to be done in public
Task 1
Design a wedding gown using a tissue paper. We used Nia as a model. She's one of the most fashion forward 5 year old I know (a bit bossy too, I think she takes after the mum haha) Anyway we won, because we're awesome like that.

We also won the Wedding Charades 100,000,000 to 3 
(I'm exaggerating of course or maybe not. Yes I'm kiasu and I LOVE WINNING hehe)

The Ferum 7 girlies... 
We went through a lot together. 
The good and the bad : 
first love, first heartbreak, breakup, major fights, 
hair pulling (at least 2 of them did haha), weddings, babies etc

We're all grown ups now...
No longer teenagers with teenagers problems...
We've gone through so much individually and as a group
Some events pushed us closer, some pushed us apart
There are months that went by without so much as a simple Hello..
There are periods where we see each other every week..
I think we have all accepted the fact that our friendship has grown pass what it was 12 years ago.
Hopefully we'll stay connected and this friendship will last till Jannah
In Sha Allah

Vain and loving it :)

My first 2 friends in UiTM :p

I rarely take selfies now that I have children. 
I'm still vain ( I'll admit that) but I think I've managed to tone it down quite a bit
My IG and FB accounts are now filled with pics of my children :p
I guess that is why Allah blessed with the lil munchkins, so that I can take away the self obsession and shower the abundance of love and attention to someone else other than myself hahaha

To Reebok who secretly reads my blog 
Though I'm not sure if she still does but what the heck....

Congratulations and good luck with the wedding and more importantly the married life
Remember there would be times when you may not like Iwan and his lil annoying ticks (if any) but love is taking care of each other even when you're angry. Protect your marriage and remember this is the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with and till Jannah so cherish and love each other, ok!!! May Allah bless you always and will miss you bunches when you moved back to Kelantan... Dulu kaula satu2 geng aku kat flat7 lepas aku baru kawin dengan tennis... now semua dah besar kan? dah takleh toga toga dah...
Love you bokkie...

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