Thursday, September 4, 2014

The one on the super blessed Merdeka Day weekend

One of the biggest gripe of a working mum is the minimal time we get to spend with our children. We're gone the whole day working and is only able to spend a few hours a day with our precious babies. As much as I look forwards to the weekends, it is not that I'm able to spend 24/7 with my children as we still have to split the hours between errands, housework, visiting etc.

Long weekends is the best as you're able to work in extra activities that would not be possible otherwise. Anyway I had an awesome time *alhamdullilah* during the long Merdeka Day weekend :)

30 August 2014 (Merdeka Day Eve)

We wanted to drop by Setia City Mall to get some shopping done but parking was full due to some concert, so we decided to have our dinner elsewhere. So cool that they have independent Pizza Hut buildings (and other fast food joints) conveniently situated in Setia Alam

31 August 2014 : Merdeka Day!!!

 My babies having fun in Kidz Paradise. Press Me for review :)

Later in the evening we had a picnic in the backyard. I bought some yummy Elmo cupcakes for the munchkins to enjoy for tea.

Later we set up the sprinkler for some water fun. We accidentally burst the sprinkler tubes due to high water pressure. Hopefully the cobbler can patch the tube up with rubber patches :(

 1 September 2014: KL Bird Park

I've been wanting to visit the Bird Park since last year but haven't managed to find the appropriate time. Since we had no other planned activity for the day, I woke Lan up super early and coaxed him to make the trip. Alhamdullilah, one trip to crossed from my "travel/activity list". Zoo Melaka next *inshaAllah*

Anyway for review of the KL Bird Park : Press Me!!!

It was such a blessed and fulfilling weekend. Alhamdullilah...Alhamdullilah...Alhamdullilah.
Looking forward to more beautiful moments with my family *inshaAllah*

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