Monday, March 9, 2015

My Life is Full....

I just read this very enlightening article about our obsession to appear "busy". One thing we do not realize is "busyness" is a form of sickness, it makes us unhappy, stress out and ungrateful. We go through life in a hurry and never stopping to smell the roses on the pursuit of being busy. To some being busy is a form of "validation", the busier you are, the more important you're perceive to be. The problem is you're just adding unnecessary stress to your life. So why bother? 

Next time someone ask you this question "so how's work? how's life?" Instead of automatically saying "I'm busy" and rattling about the list of activities you're going to do or expected to do. Pause... smile... and say "My life is full" 

YES I'm busy tending to gabijillion work expectations and disappointment but at least I still have a job which pays for my holidays and shoe obsession :p
Weekend filled with activities and no rest ? family events? kids classes? a million invitations and activities? Rather than treating it as a hassle, I try and think of it as a good opportunity to meet and spend time with family and friends.
I know committing to sending my kids to extra classes means that we'll have less time to sit around and do nothing. However, extra classes for them mean they'll get to mingle with their peers, exercise, learn new knowledge and develop new interest. Wouldn't I rather have that than allow them to waste time just watching tv and playing with tablets all day? Anyway, Some people can't even afford basic education, so the fact that I have to make several class rounds during the weekends should not be something to complain about. 

Dirty house? oh well having to do housework means I have a house to clean :p 

Yes my life is full... not with just activities but also with love,laughter and blessings and for that I shall be grateful. 

Reminder of things to blog:
  1. - 101 Guide to Traveling in Japan
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  3. - Travel Diary Kyoto 
  4. - Travel Diary Nara
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That is a long list. I will find the time inshaallah, not for the benefit of other but for my own personal satisfaction :) have a good weekend everyone. 

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