Thursday, August 6, 2015

What Hari Raya means to me...

1. Opportunity to meet up and catch up with my beloved family :) 

I know people loves to complain about their relatives, but Alhamdullilah I have the best ones (plus minus a few odd jobs haha)

The Hanif Clan

The Malek Clan

 @ Merlimau 

Annual Family Open House @ Our Crib

2. The super stressful annual raya family portrait

Like I mentioned on IG, this semi "OK" pic took at least 4 hours and  6 different photographer (one semi professional) to achieve. No little models in making in this family for sure :p

3. Opportunity to seek forgiveness and spending time with my beloved husband (haha)

 Mr and Mrs Barney :p 

4. Yummy food???

Sadly I didn't manage to take a pic of my fave ketupat, rendang and kuah lodeh combo. Super yummy and  worth gaining the extra thousand pounds :p

5. My babies

Last but certainly not least. Hari Raya means nothing if this little munchkins is not by my side driving me insane but making me laugh at the same time. Love love them so very very much...

I know it is a bit late, but I want to wish my friends and blog readers a Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin. May our ibadah in Ramadan be accepted by Allah and hopefully we'll get the chance to have another Ramadan next year * InshaAllah*

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