Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stuff Face Marathon & Raya Preparations...

Buka puasa @ Club Shah Alam

@ Orked Thai with the Girls (hubby happy coz dapat makan udang ;p)

with Uda, Iena, Reebok, and Iza

Buka puasa with the "working girl" @ Chilli's OU - Syer brought Cinta along

She's so cute :) in a better mood yesterday, so she's very friendly. No group photo though this time

Of Ramadan coming and ending...

Can't believe there is only 3 more days to Ramadan. All in all, a good month. Did I become a better person? Can't really comment on that but I do hope some good did come out of the fasting month. Better self refrain maybe? hehehe but it's great that I managed to arrange for a few get together to catch up with my close friends. Best :) Quite sad that Ramadan is ending but excited Syawal is looming...

Raya Preparation

First raya with hubby, exciting experience I must say though hubby refused to get a new baju melayu (in consolation he does have one in accordance to the theme colour) We've started cleaning the house, put up some new decorations and made other necessary arrangement. Kuih raya tak banyak though, only got 2 jenis sebab malas nak membazir and tamak, probably going to get more kerepek-ish items as people prefer to munch on that anyway.

Baju raya dah siap. I wouldn't say I'm crazy over my outfit but bolehlah. I just don't want to look like a slob on my first raya as a wife. Just because I'm pregnant that should not be an excuse to look like a drap, hehehe baru 7 months kawin kena lah jaga sikit :p

On open house :) tengoklah ok if I don't have extra class on the weekend. However close friends are invited to come hang out at our place. Just call :)

Rezeki Baby :)

We received some cool stuff for Beanie from my boss who left the department last Friday, which includes A Fisher Price Rain forest Peek-A-Boo Mobile, a Bumbo chair and a 10piece Mothercare baby suit set. *Alhamdullilah* All in all Lan and I save close to RM500 since we were planning on getting the stuff anyway. Cool :)

Dealing with complicated people

Let just say there is someone new in my department who is driving me nuts. She treats everyone like orang bawahan and refused to listen to our views and comments on things.She's also insensitive to things like raya holidays, early release during Ramadan and other stuff. The weird thing is even higher level people like my other managers, HOD's even Executive Directors does not treat us that way. Well, all I can say is what goes around comes around. I hope she's prepared with whatever karma have in store for her...

Anyway I hope I'll have time to update one last time before Raya. Been tied up with work for the past 2 weeks, but what is a job without nothing to do and no challenges right? Have a good day, peeps *muackz*


Sha said...

her name is cinta? how sweet

najwa said...

far so nice of ur boss..seriously dats a lot of stuff..lucky u..i bet ur in her god books rite..anyway have a great raya for the first time as husband n wife n do share da exprience..i bet its a great one..luv ya far..n maaf zahir & batin for any terkasar bahasa, terkurang ajar n salam 2 lan n hugs n kisses 2 beanie..muacksss!!!

~f@R~ said...

Sha: ahah sweet kan? Anyway Selamat Hari Raya babe. Maaf Zahir & Batin ok :)

Rajoo: Selamat hari raya rajoo... maaf zahir & batin to you too :p luv ya too (mengaku kecik cara ego)