Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

First Raya with Hubby :)

Family Pic :p

Dareen my fave toygirl @ da moment :p

With da in laws...

I've been really horrible with updating my blog lately. Work been crazy (due to crazy people) ;p and when I'm not playing Sorority Life on FB, I'm doing research to finish my assignments. It's a long tiring cycle..hehehe...

Anyway I had a good Hari Raya celebration. Lan and I celebrated Raya in Malacca with my family and we spend the 2nd and 3rd Raya with Lan's family also in Malacca and Perak. Food was awesome (as usual), Me likey my new baju kurung purchased 3 days before Raya in OU at a whim ;p (walaupun tak se-menyerlah seperti baju raya tahun2 yg lepas due to tummy constraint) and best Raya with hubby for the first time this year (insyallah with Beanie next year)

Highlight Raya:-

1.1st Day of Raya:- Melayan my cousins weird/cute antics

Mukaffar (going to his mum asking) "Mummy what's wrong with Kak Ana's tummy? did she eat too much cheeseburger?"
My aunt :"No lah got baby inside"
Kaffar : "dulu tak buncit pun, how did the baby get in there??"
My aunt: "errrr......"

Playing make-up artist to my 10, 8 and 6 year old cousins. Serious semua perasan cantik. Yanni refused to talk at all from 9am to 11am sebab I put on lip gloss on her lips and she takut "tak kilat, lagi" *sigh* (At least that got her QUIET)

2. 2nd Day of Raya

Panic kejap bila Lan's cousin 80 year old father in law went missing. We stop by @ Lan's uncle house, solat kat Surau, the guys took a nap and some of the women pergila rumah uncle. After solat Lan and I was hanging around the lawn, atuk tu pun lalu. Kitaorang buat tak tahu la. Atuk tu pun keluar gate.10 minutes later Lan's cousin came out the house tanya "mana atuk?" So we were like "dia jalan keluar" Panic semua orang. Rupa2nya atuk tu ada Alzheimer. Terjerit2lah everybody "atuk.. atuk" . Nasib baik Abg Malik and Lan found the atuk @ da bus stop (about 2km jauh from the house) Dia dah nak naik bus dah balik Pahang.

Note: Sekarang fikir rasa lawak but at that time takut juga :p

3. 4t Day Raya in Perak:-

Faris: "Kakak, Kakak nak tengok gigi Faris tak?
Me: Ok (looking at his mount)
Faris:Bukan lah, ni ha dalam pocket (yucks)

2 hours later, a few of the kids went beraya kat rumah pak cik sebelah. They came back and lepas 10 seconds I can see Faris running outside.

Me: Faris nak pergi mana tu? balik nanti ayah marah
Faris: Kejap orang tertinggal gigi kat rumah pak cik *serious I gelak macam orang gila, hearing that*

Ok that's all the update for now. Will try and update later on more baby news :p

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir dan Batin


Sha said...

Your cousin comel lah. That's your tiara, right?

najwa said...

huhuhuhuhu..cute storiessss..gud 4 ur beanie 2 hear..hehehehhe

~f@R~ said...

Cute but sometime annoying :p