Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nothing of substance...

My Girly Wirly Time
Mummy to be needs all the pampering that she can get :) So I had my waxing, massage and scrub done during the weekend. My tense/aching muscle are all kneaded and pampered away.

I miss my girly time. Primping before a date, getting my hair and make up done, trying on 12 dresses, not being able to make up my mind and end up wearing the first top I tried on,walking around the room in 4 inch heels for no reason at all... I love locking myself in my room, playing dress up *sigh*

I still take hours to get ready but it's just not fun having hubby making faces in front of me, going "are you ready? dah siap? dah lawa dah? jom lah etc" Those impatient words are so much easier to ignore in phone calls or SMS messages :p Enclosing pictures from those happy times hahaha

I remembered staying up till 2am, doing my hair because I was bored at home :p

Cam whoring ...

God knows what possesses me to ambik picture belakang pokok bunga...hahahah

Missed Open House
I missed 3 open house invitation this weekend due to family obligation. Sorry sorry sangat but I can't miss the event at home :p Anyway end of next month is going to be very very busy for me. Initially my mum is planning to have a majlis doa selamat for "me" but it's going to be extended to another event in the afternoon. It's not 100% confirmed yet so rather not elaborate :p I'm so excited because I can play party planner and boss people around (I just love getting to dictate theme and colour scheme) and another highlight is getting to tempah baju baru *happiness* going to get the material with hubby later :)

Babymoon and Baby Shower
Nak pergi short holiday with hubby but not allowed to go jauh-jauh :( Since I'm only going to be free starting from 1 November 2009 (after exam) I can only go for my babymoon once I enter 8 month. Genting/Cameron/Bukit Tinggi is totally out. I'm bored of Malacca. Considering Port Dickson but hubby macam not too keen jer. Probally end up booking a hotel in KL haha

Spoke to my cuzzie and we decided against throwing a baby shower for family & friends. I have something else in mind, will confirm if and when I decide to go ahead with the plan.

My biggest problem at the moment is time constraint. I think most of you understand the challenge of baby preparation/work/study/family/friend time.I'm trying to balance everything and not make anything the center of my universe but a part of it. I learn this the hard way a few years back that the only way to make the majority of the people in your life happy is by taking care of your own personal needs first :)



Sha said...

Funny how all guys react the same to woman pampering time :)

Anyway about your "little boy" news, CONGRATS. Now I can start thinking on what to get you in December

~f@R~ said...

Thanks... Auntie Sha no more little clothes for Beanie please... beli big boy clothes jer.. kasut bola ker (ehh demand lak) :P

Sha said...

dah biasa dah..