Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mummy Creative Baby Project :)

Project 1: Scrapbook Project

Step One: Compile all of baby scan pics ( I think I got 8 so far ;p)

Step Two: Divide pictures by trimesters and arrange it accordingly

Step 3 : Get the Scrapbook Kit
( you can get it in Papier- Curve, MPH-Anywhere, Scrapbook Shop in OU. Price range between RM39.90 to RM400)

Tip: If you are not into scrapbooking but want a place to record baby growth, you can get the ready made (and decorated) baby diary. Just need to paste and jot down baby's development.


Will post the result of my handiwork once it's ready. I have to pay attention to much important but less fun task in hand (i.e final assignments). Heheheh love my creative artsy baby time :)


Sha said...

Rajin lah you nie. If I tak kuasa

~f@R~ said...

Hahah more like mati akal dah takde benda lain nak buat