Monday, March 1, 2010

The one on Work, B.M & Anniversary Diamonds :)

I’m back at the office. Bored out of my mind but don’t feel like asking for work. Asyik teringatkan cinta hati kat “school” wondering what he’s doing at the moment. Hope he’s not making the babysitter cuddle/carry him 24/7. Ryan tends to be a bit clingy after a long weekend. He knows he will usually get his way when his at home so sometimes he tends to try his “luck” at the nursery too. But the “Ibu” tak pernah complain lagi, minus some “manjaness” i.e. suruh dukung and insist on sitting in the rocker.

Anyway had some trouble in expressing milk in large amount to accommodate Ryan needs during the day while I’m away, so we decided to introduce Ryan to formula milk. Anyway he’s happy with the current arrangement of breastfeeding & his ISOMIL formula so the doctor said we should continue feeding him with both.

Thank god he’s ok with formula because I do not know what to do if he refuses to drink it like some of my friend’s children. I just feel bad because he’ll be at the nursery for 10-11 hours and I doubt 2 small bottles can satisfy him. Sometimes I feel like a total failure because I was unable to fully breastfeed him for 6 months, but a wise person told me this “Don’t beat yourself over small things like that. He’s happy and healthy and you should be thankful for that. Breastfeeding is not the only indicator for being a good mother”. I guess sometimes we should work with what is given to us rather than worry about things we can’t control.

One Year and Counting
Alhamdullilah Lan and I have passed our one year mark on the 27 February 2010. We haven’t got the time to celebrate yet because we had to celebrate this year anniversary apart due to two close family wedding which clashes. At least I have Ryan with me…hehehe

I got Lan a set of office clothes: pants, shirts and a tie. He’s giving me the option to choose my own prezzie. Which is a smart move since I’m so picky. So I still haven’t decided on what I want it’s a tie between a diamond bracelet and a new designer bag. I’m still deciding. Maybe I should do the “grown up” thing and save the money in the bank. Hahahah I don’t think so...

Arrghh need to go express milk soon. Borrriiinnggg :p But the office breastfeeding room is kinda cool, macam kat Mall hahahah batakz I know…

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