Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy 3 Months Bday Ryan

Date: 20 March 2010 (Saturday)
Location: Garden, Mid Valley & Sunway Pyramid
Occasion : Ryan's 3 Months Bday and Family Outing

First stop SJMC for Ryan's 3 months jab and Rotavirus immunization. Big boy didn't cry and there was really minor fussing.

Second stop: The Gardens, we need to check out Ryan's second car seat (hehehe wonder why?)Taking notes and comparing prices, still ain't sure between the Maxi Cozy or Hartford Line *sigh* more money out the window (you're lucky I love you enough to give up on designer bags and shoes, Ryan - at least for the time being..hehe)

Had lunch at the Gardens food court. Not bad-lah both Lan and I had terriyaki and Ryan decided that he had enough of his stroller, so he laid next to me on the couch, observing other babies making noise...

Daddy trying to feed himself and Ryan at the same time :p

Ryan observing his surroundings and his newfound geram habit *makan tangan*

How can you have a bday without cakes right? For mummy only.. heheh


Third Stop:Kajang, Dzulclassique. Mummy kena fitting for mak long's wedding reception. I'm not crazy over the baju but it's not fully completed yet, maybe it will look better with the beads.

Fourth Stop: Sunway Pyramid. Continue with car seat search and Ryan shopping session more clothes for my growing baby *sigh* We had our dinner in Ria's Ayam Penyet (The one in Curve is better) I want to try the one in Wong Solo.

Mummy & Ryan in front of Berryl's Chocolote Fantasy Fun Fair

Ryan is tired from our all day outing. Note the clothes changes..Emperor New Clothes lah budak kecik nie...

Ooopppppsss :)

Courtesy of Azlan who have been really generous out of late. On top of the new Olympus Camera as a "push present" he got me a new a little something from Coach as a belated Anniversary prezzie...Thanks darling... hehehhe

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