Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shopaholic Mode : Part 267

I had a bit of a shopping relapse today :p I was feeling crappy due to some insane old man @work, and I was a bit worried that I haven't finish my 15,000 words World Trade Assignment due this Friday, so I decided that I deserve a treat, to remind myself how fabulous I am (hahaha). I decided to do a bit of online research before going to Topshop OU during lunch time. Initial plan of combat is to locate, try and buy. Good Plan? Yes!! Execution? *sigh*

I needed a new blazer for work so I shortlisted this 3 beauties from Topshop : 3/4 sleeves blazer, Ruched Sleeve Blazer in Tan and the Pleat Sleeve Jersey Jacket

Tengah browse saw this other items. In my head was rationalizing my excuse to buy them. It's long sleeve, It's difficult to get pretty one piece item esp when you're wearing hijab and it's funky but appropriate without being mumsy ect... So I shortlisted this 4 item just in case it's on the racks of Topshop (sangatlah foresighted when it comes to shopping) : Flute Sleeve Smock Dress, Peacock Kimono Print cardi, Tattoo 2in1 Dress and 60 Ponti's Shift Dress :)

The damage? Not that bad since lunch took too long to arrive :p I ended up buying this Printed Crepe Kimono Top, which looks a million times better in real life :) I'm so coming back next month for the blazer and the peacock cardi, which I can't take off my mind and hoping for it to be on the clearance rack soon :p

Anyway I got 10% off as I was a Fashion Fwd Member and an additional RM25 voucher for god knows what reason. Can use it to get my blazer
(will not stray from intended purchase this time ;p)

I'm totally eyeing this adorable Bimba & Lola Bow Print Flats, but it's a bit out of the budget at the moment. We received the good news that we're probably getting the house keys sometime in the near future which translate to legal fees + contractor bills :p Well my feet won't look too fabulous but at least saya sudah ada tempat berteduh *alhamdullilah*

I guess growing up means choosing your priority even if it means no shoe shopping *wink2* :)


Sha said...

I'm coming down in December. Let's go shopping ok.

~f@R~ said...


DAVS said...

I love top shop! And what?? No shoe shopping?!:)

~f@R~ said...

Horror to horror yeah no shoe shopping until the end of this year (yeah right) yeap Topshop good for ur wardrobe and bad for ur purse ;p