Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year : New Day

My first day at work in this New Year :)

Last week was crazy hectic mostly because Ryan was hospitalized for 4 days at SJMC. Long story short everyone and everything is fine and dandy. Nothing major but a minor lung infection (bronchitis) and doctor needed to put him under review and 3 days antibiotics course. Ryan being Ryan does not show any signs of sickness, jumping around and playing like nobody business :) Anyway he's ok now..

I rather not spend 45 minutes detailing moaning and complaints that goes like"why do god do this to me rants" as I see them as POINTLESS. Negative people attract negative energy so why bother,huh?

Anyhoooo... On a more cheerful note... We had our first function at our new crib on the 01.01.11 :) Everything went as plan *alhamdullilah* Thanks to my family members for all the help and food and thanks to my friends who came to celebrate with us. Technically we did not have a housewarming party and the event was not merely to celebrate Ryan's birthday, the MAIN EVENT of the day is actually the DOA SELAMAT to "bless" our new home with prayers and Yassin Recital.

We decided to kill two birds with one stone and celebrate Ryan's birthday with his extended family : piyut (great great grandma), his 2 nyangs (great grandma), countless atuks, nenek, wan, uncles, aunts and friends :) To minimize cost I did most of the decorations myself (cutting Elmo faces from cardboard, gathering feathers, making my own lollipop stand) Yeah yeah I know Ryan don't have a clue on what's going on but I love the creative process so it is not much of a chore to me...

The most gorgeous and delicious Elmo cake + Sesame Street cupcakes from Nadibakes

First tier : Chocolate mud, Second tier: Nutella and cupcakes : Butterscotch

Our Sesame Street inspired Desert Bar

Self Help concept : great idea but my cousin kinda whip everything within 5 seconds :p

Ryan, Mummy and Daddy...

With atuk, nenek, mak long and Darrin :)

Ryan playing with Lana on his new tricycle courtesy of atuk...

Thanks girls for coming...
(and my other friends yg datang but tak letak gambar :p )

Ryan and his supermarket tent from Mak Long

Good haul : toys, clothes and $$$$
Alhamdullilah murah rezeki :)
Thanks everyone for being so generous....
Happy playing with his new train thingy.
Thank you Aunt Farisa...

Our little family: cake cutting time :)


Anonymous said...

Love the cake. Very cute

Sha said...

Beautiful ceremony Ryan. Can't wait to visit you guys

~f@R~ said...

Thanks everyone