Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Top 10 Fashion Essentials

I’m itching to go clothes shopping. As usual there’s nothing that I need, just unnecessary things that I want. Since the house “beautification project” is still ongoing (I suspect it’s going to be a yearlong project due to budget constraints) I have to be more frugal with my spending.

Anyway I decided to clean up my 2 suitcases + 3 boxes of clothes first before I go clothes shopping. I’m planning to throw/ give away/alter clothes that are torn, unwearable due to style/size/comfort factors. No more hoarding old clothes in hope that I shall one day fit again in my size 24 Levis (I’ve accepted that this ass is beyond going to its pre Ryan size :p) I shall not be obsessed with the no (size) on the clothes and pay attention on what fits me right.

I’m giving myself about 2-3 weeks to complete the project (when you have a one year old running around the house with no additional help other than your husband, a 3 hours chore would now take days to complete)

To prepare myself, I’ve read up columns/articles on basic fashion essential to free myself from unnecessary “fashion victim/ whim purchases/ heartbreak shopping” clutter. I’ve made some amendments to Tim Gunn top 10 fashions essential according to my personal preference and the fact that I’m wearing a hijab.

This is my top 10 fashion essentials :-

1. White button down shirt - For work and play

2. Crisp black pants - Inexpensive but beautifully tailored

3. Boy friend cardigan - Essential to cover up while wearing fitted tops

4. Little (in my case Maxi) black dress - for every occasion :)

5. Maxi Skirts - I love this when I'm all lazy and need something a bit more dressier than jeans

6. Jeans - A nice fitted pair :) No muffin tops + hug areas that are not meant to be hugged

7. Sweaters - if you have the $$$ invest on Cashmere...

8. Blazer - for work and during those times when you want to jazz up your jeans + baby T outfit

9. Baju kurung - office baju kurung (nice fit/subtle designs/no labucci + overly beading)

10. Lazy long sleeve shirts :)

Once I'm done with my closet revamp, I shall make a list of things that is "missing" in my wardrobe and go crazy shopping :) *arrgghh* I'm now embracing the shopping with a purpose concept *grin*

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