Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sama Tak Serupa :)

Everytime someone visits me and the twins, one unavoidable question that they would asked me is "How do you tell them apart?" My answer?? "By the clothes they are wearing" hahaha

Physically for non identical twins Iman and Ranya looks quite similar. In the middle of the night when I'm sleepy and mamai, I can't be ask to tell the difference :p but if you look closely Iman features are slightly rounder. Iman is also slightly bigger though Ranya is catching up real fast. It also helps that Ranya has a strawberry mark on her tummy, so if people gets too confused, we'll just flip open her clothes hahaha

It is quite funny because people at home are always confused over who's who. This is where wearing different coloured clothing comes in handy but a day won't be completed without someone calling Iman - Ranya or vice versa.

It may seem like a trivial thing, but identifying which twin is which is quite important for feeding time (you don't want to be feeding the same twin twice) or at times when we have to administer medicine. So me the "mandur" would need to be on top of things all the time.

To help the carers at the daycare to identify the twins I got Iman and Ranya customise bracelets . It is just a simple string bracelet with beads spelling their name. Cute and comfortable with no allergy triggers. Very important elements while choosing baby accessories.

The twins are also different temperament wise. Iman is more lemah lembut and manja while Ranya is the more active twin. Lan told me once that if he want to differentiate the twin lying side by side he'll just see the hands movement. The girl who's more animated is more likely to be Ranya :)

The process of getting to know the girls better is the same as it is with other babies. The only difference is I have to learned about two babies at once. The main challenge is despite looking similar they are two separate individuals with different preference. I can't wait when the girls are a bit older and are able to choose their own favourite food and clothes. That would be a fun battle to fight :p hehehehe

Next post: Funday with Ryan :p (bilalah nak find the time to blog ni, I'm actually typing this post via BB while brestfeeding Iman at the same time)


Izyan Darling said...

eee comelnyaaaa! the first pic, the one in the orange dress looks so much like Ryan! i always wonder too, how do mummies with twins identify their kids so your post answers my q. :) the strawberry like mark sounds cute too. but surely you won't be flipping her dress when she's big, will u? lol. hoomer liq

~f@R~ said...

Thanks.. hopefully once they are biggie enough bila we call the name the right twin will turn and tak main2 kan their poor mummy and daddy :p hehe