Friday, April 6, 2012

InsTa.graM CraZy!!!

 My lunch: Red Velvet and Rocky Road Cuppies

Lil Blair Waldorf in the making (only the great style/incredibly intelligent/1000 headbands part ok) 
Miss Ranya Fatimah

 Love the mini bow on my sweet Iman :) Mummy bought a few and becoz she's a great lawyer she'll never admit how much so as to not incriminate herself to daddy :p muahahaha

 Mummy and abang dating @ Chilli's Citta Mall. Ok la mak long was there also :p
but not in the picture becoz she's not cute as both of us

 What my lil muchkins do when they're at home. Seriously overdose of cuteness mingle with various antics yg sometimes menguji kesabaran minda and emosi hahaha

Next post: How I survived being a maidless working mummy of 3 kids under three
(haha mcm real, but I do get this question A LOT so why not blog about it kan?)

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