Monday, April 9, 2012

SOLE Necessity

I’m in need of some new shoes. Most of my shoes especially my gorgeous heels feels a bit too tight. Maybe it is because I’m a bit out of practice after close to 10 months of being out of 3-4 inch heels but I think my feet just grew a size. You know what they say about the whole pregnancy causing your feet to swell and horror to horror- it may not go back to its original size after birth (I’m sure my husband is rolling his eyes while reading this thinking that I’m making things up as I go along so that I have an excuse to go shoe shopping)

Maybe it is the whole being pregnant with twins thingy, my feet didn’t really swell when I was pregnant with Ryan but it did during my pregnancy with Iman & Ranya. I think I was wearing size 8 slippers instead of my normal size 6. Anyway I’m eyeing a bunch of flats (and maybe ONE pair of black heels). I’m addicted to flats at the moment because I guess with 3 babies running around in heels is not a good idea especially since I’m a certified klutz.

Love the ones from French Sole (a favorite of Duchess of Cambridge HRH Katherine Middleton) but it is a bit out of my price range at the mo. The ones that I like is around 90 pounds (RM450??) I think I rather spend the money on a new bag: p Anyways Charles and Keith has some nice new collection of flats but I think I’ll drop by Debenham one of these days for some nice shiny black flats. The price is reasonable (below 100), comfy (a MUST) and most importantly stylish. I’ve bought a few pairs of shoe from Debenham before and I LOVE it. Pakai sampai koyak which knowing me rarely happen sebab I usually get bored after 3 months hehehe.

Feast your eyes on some designs from French Sole. I think there’s an outlet available in KLCC if you’re interested to burn some hard earned ca$h :p Happy Monday everyone. Hopefully we’ll all have a good week ahead *insyallah*

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Sha said...

I think it is worth the dollar/pounds. FS serious comfortable