Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Reason I Smile :D

Hi! My name is Ranya. Meet my friend Timah Bear :)

 Miss Cool Ranya doing her nebulizer 

 Iman trying to fight the nurse off..

 "We're BFF and we got each other back,yo!!"

 Look who came to visit and ran off with Mummy's Pringles.

 Check out Iman's left eye. Bengkak from the overflow of phelgm

 Ranya can turn and meniarap already. Good girl!!!

 Mummy and Abang at Dani's 3rd Birthday Party. Say Hello to Bat Boy Ryan Daniel

 Later my superhero temankan mummy celebrate Bday Aunt Najwa/Farisa/Ina at Nando's Plaza Masalam

Ze birthday girls :p Though Ina would not agree...

 Over kan ?? Acted like it is HIS cake :p Even ate all of the ladybird

 Mummy and Iman all better. Alhamdullilah, eyes all biggie and round :)

Bagi chance to Mummy nak cam whore jugak la kan :p 


Sha said...

ehhh dah pakai Iphone ye ada instagram?

~f@R~ said...

No la... Ipod touch je... love my BB to much to convert to Iphone. For the moment lah :p