Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy 6 Months Birthday, Princess(s)

Dear Iman Khadeeja & Ranya Fatimah,

I can't believe that you're already 6 months old today :)
Seem just like yesterday when I gave birth to both of you and we first laid eyes on each other for the first time...
It was L O V E

It is not easy to take care of both of you at first but in some ways I believe that both of you understood enough to not make it even more difficult than it need to be.
Thanks for being so considerate darling...

I love looking at both of you "playing" together.
I hope you'll take care of each other (and abang) to the day when I'm no longer here... 
How lucky for both of you to have an "instant" best friend since in the womb 

I truly never cared whether I was pregnant with a girl/boy before, but now that I have both of you here I'm glad because we are now the "ruling party" at home - Girls Rule!!

I can't wait when you are both old enough for us to play dress up.
Super *double* cuteness...
I hope you'll grow up to be anak-anak solehah, healthy, happy, considerate, intelligent and gorgeous girls

Ohhh and I love that though you may look similar both of you have very different personalities.
I can't wait to find out and learn more about you everyday

Mummy, daddy and abang love you both so much Iman and Ranya


Sha said...

Happy 6 months birthday beautiful babies.

~f@R~ said...

Thanks auntie :)