Monday, June 11, 2012

Ryan-Saur-Us :)

Some pictures from our visit to the National Science Centre for the Dinosaur Live Exhibition.

All in all I can say that the trip is a success as Ryan is able to appreciate it more this time around. The minus points was he thought that the dino is real and he got a bit scared and wanted to be carried all day way through. At least he didn't start wailing like some of the kiddies there :) I'm gonna let the picture do the talking...

 T-Rex Fossils

 Entrance to the Dino Live

With my cheeky boy

 In the dark and creepy exhibition hall.

Hehehe lepak ngan Allasourus
(the smaller cousin of T-Rex i.e. the crazy man eating dino is Jurassic Park :p)

 Ryan: Bring it on
Mummy: Alah don't la grow up so fast, sayang!!

 Ryan enjoying the "science" bit

 Doing the puzzles

 When I grow up I wanna be a grasshopper?
Ehhh that do not sound right :p

 Ok la.. I'll be an astronaut instead (insyallah)

 Or a scientist and become a future Nobel price recipient *amin*
(yeah reach for the sky darling)


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