Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our Syawal : In a glance...

Photo compilation from my Tab
(p/s: do not give up on me, I may still upload the pictures in my camera before next raya :p)

 First day of Syawal: Peachy Theme family @my parents house

 Beraya with nenek and atuk Jalan Kebun later in the noon

Same old same old

Second day of Raya: On our way to balik kampung hubby.
Yes we got our hands FULL :)

My little fairies in their green floral gown gifted by MIL colleague on 3rd Raya

 The siblings on the 5th day of Raya

After house visiting Wan Su, Wan Ngah and Wan Chik, Lan and I brought the kids to "ONE" Utama for a treat at Chilli's :p by this time dah muak makan ketupat

 Our FIRST ever open house to "raikan" my aunts from Malacca :)
It was a bit of a last minute but my sis, Lan and I managed to whipped up a BBQ themed makan-makan. We marinated chicken, corn and lamb shoulders and made side dishes of nasi goreng, pasta and coleslaw. For dessert we had loads and loads of ice-cream.
Ryan had fun playing with his little "aunts and uncles" - sempatla main pop-pop and bunga api

 Loving my "rose dress"

 The girls getting ready to go to Atuk Chek open house in Sungai Buloh.
Check out the cool t-shirt :)

Ryan playing ball with Nidal at Tok Chek's house

 My Company's Open House : Theme railway station + merdeka. Yes, I don't get it either :p

 2nd Raya weekend we went back to Malacca for a day to attend my cousin's wedding
First trip back to kampung since nenek passed away *sigh*
but we had fun meeting everyone.

 The next day Lan and I hosted another Open House for friends and family. It is just a small family gathering but since I have a HUGE extended family memang end up 50-60 people datang. Alhamdullilah all went well..

I (yes I) made soto, tauhu sumbat ikan, longan jelly, and oreo lime cheese tart. My sis supplied the choc cake and mum made nasi impit and kuah kacang

Awesome kan saya sempat masak all these food with babies keliling pinggang (hahaha)

As mentioned before :) Had fun coordinating the girls outfits, from baju kurung to dresses and other outfits. Crazy ok. The best part is 3/4 of it is gifted from people, which works real well coz I'm not a fan of buying identical clothes.

So that is all for Hari Raya 2012 photos (at least for the time being)
See ya later, alligator :)

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