Friday, September 28, 2012

Swimming Spiderman and Floating Fairies :)

I'm in one of my lazy mode. So less words and bring on the picture update :)

Teluk Kemang Beach, Port Dickson. We took a short walk from our apartment @ Resort & Spa to the beach. Didn't spend much time there or even took a dip because we had our hands full with the 3 of them :p

On the first day Ryan managed to "pau" a Spiderman floatie from daddy, next day dapat pelampung Spiderman pulak..Ryan..Ryan..
The 3 most important men in my life :)

Budak kecik ni memang tak tau takut.
Terus nak lompat dalam pool and even tried to make friends with random people.
Such a lil socialista unlike the parents :p
Iman takut air. Ranya LOVE it
Heheh next year Hari Raya Portrait picture?
My 3 little munchkins *hugs*

Everytime we do our yearly PD visits mesti singgah Nasreen Restaurant :)
Love the food and the price is cheap 8 dishes + 6 fruit drinks cost us less than RM150.

Ohh there's another "must go" place that we had lunch a few times that we LOVE. The Cowboy Nasi Kukus place at the simpang. Chicken dia sedap. Sorry no picture because we tapau food back home this time around...

Iman and Daddy
Best friend 2 orang ni : Iman and Ryan


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