Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My 10 Months Old Princesses

I don't do much milestones updates with the twins as compared with Ryan, kan? But than again I don't update my blog as often too nowadays what with IG and Twitter and what not (excuses disguising as reasons)

Anywayzzz... Iman and Ranya turned 10 months young lasy Friday :) They are at the stage where they have just found the functions of their legs and voices. Currently, there's plenty of crawling, rolling, strolling, screaming an babbling going around in the Azlan-Farhanna abode.


  • The more advanced of the two when it comes to motor skills.
  • She's climbing and totting along furniture (edge of sofa and bed)
  • Can climb down the bed successfully (feet first)
  • Very fast crawler
  • Can use the word "mama" in the right context( i.e.bila merengek nak mummy)
  • Says "yum" when she's eating or wants food
  • Waves when you say "tata"
  • Knows how to do flying kiss but she's touch her cheeks instead of her lips
  • The more sensitive and manja of the two
  • Vain : loves the mirror like the big brother (haha) and she LOVES it when people brush her hair and compliments her :p
  • The more advance when it comes to speech skills
  • Mimics tone and babble single consonants like "baba" "mama" "dada" "tata" "nyumnyum"
  • She once imitated me saying "hahaha" in a sing-songy voice much to everyone surprise :p
  • Avid clapper :p she'll clap and shake her tooshie when you sing her 3 fave songs "pok amai-amai" "ABC" and "wheels on the bus"
  • She KNOWS the function of my tab + BB. Obviously I keep it out of her reach but she loves this baby game and will actually fight with Ryan if he interrupts her during the game.
  • Ranya crawls military style and when she don't feel like it she will roll around the house and when all of the above fails, she will scream for attention *haha*
  • I've seen her stand up and climb on her own but not as often as Iman
  • If she wants you to pick her up, she'll actually tug your hand or skirt to get your attention and says "ammmmeeeek" cute ok haha
I just realised that my role has now been extended to a "referee". Now that the girls are older, not only do they berebut stuff with each other, they also tend to step into Ryan's "territory" more often much to Ryan's dissatisfaction. Ryan hates sharing toys especially his cars.My son the neat freak has designated place for his toys and the girls kept messing it up :p So someone is always screaming and crying-la at my house.

I have to credit Ryan as an awesome brother despite it all. He carries "dedeks" bottle, reminded me to feed their breakfast cereal, plays pee-ka-boo with them during car rides to school and will ask for the girls when they are not around. Having to compete with 2 lil sisters at the same time is not easy but he's doing it very well :)

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OMG Far they are soo cute!!!!