Wednesday, December 26, 2012

20122012 : Happy 3rd Birthday Ryan

Last Thursday on 20 December 2012, my smart, adorable, loving, cheeky, mischievous son turn 3. He's my best friend and kawan gaduh. Such a joy to be with, though there are times when he can prove to be quite a challenged to handle :)

As a part of Project Birthday 2012 : We celebrated his (and also adiks) birthday in Johor, Singapore and Malacca. How's that for a celebration?? Will write more on our 4 days adventure soon. 

Before I forget, let me wish my cheeky cheeks the happiest birthday and hopefully you'll have a good year ahead. May Allah bless you always. I pray and hope that you will grow up to be a soleh and a responsible son and big brother to your sister. Mummy, Daddy, Iman & Ranya love you very much. My little man is all grown up, he's even starting school next week :) 

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Sha said...

Happy Birthday handsome boy