Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The one where we're married for 4 years...

Dear Husband,

When it comes to you, changes are usually the positive kind. Thank you for working hard to make our marriage works. We have our ups and down, but after 7 years together, 4 of which being married to you, I have to say the "happy" memories dominates. Thanks for being my imam,husband, best friend, biggest (sometimes worst) critics and supporter and an awesome dad to our children.

I would say we're even in this relationship but I did spend 21 hours in the labour room giving birth to your son, and carried your TWIN daughters for 9 months, literally breaking out in boils and hives of which I still have bad nightmares about (bad allergy people) - P/S don't even get me started on the c-section and breastfeeding (double ok) :p

So that is why I should continue having things my way, and a good reason as any to buy me that gorgeous bag that I've been hinting to you for the past 4 days. BECAUSE I'M WORTH IT, HONEY!!

Love you and may Allah bless our marriage and love till Jannah *insyallah*

XOXO..You know you love me...

Glad that you got my hint and bought me flowers (haha) Love the morning surprise :) Congratulations for being able to sorok the roses from me and nosey Ryan.

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