Monday, March 11, 2013

The one on weekend past and present...

Last week I grudgingly followed my husband on his office trip to Legoland and JPO. I didn't want to go because I wanted a relaxing weekend and envisioning spending the whole day in a bus in not my idea of relax. If you recall, we were just there less than 3 months ago, so I wasn't exactly jumping with excitement. Lan of course used Ryan as an excuse and Ryan was all "mummy nak go Legoland" repeat 100x so I said yes.We had to leave Iman and Ranya at home because logistic wise it wasn't convenient nor is it practical to bring them. The thought of leaving them for 32 hours sucks but both mummy and baby survived in the end (spoiler haha)

 I have to admit that we had more fun this time around because Ryan get to go on more rides and there were less people around so virtually no lines and 1/2 the waiting time

 The weather was scorching hot first half of the day and then it started raining
We still manage to cover the whole park, so I'm a happy camper...

 Click here for more pics on Our 2nd Legoland Adventure

 The price of dragging me to the other end of the country? a new bag :)
hehe no la more like MY anniversary present and a present for my mum since it was her birthday
We reckoned that she  deserve the special treat, though I got reprimanded for spending so much on the bag
My sis and I got the "spending genes" from my dad, I'm still not over the fact that she turned down my dad's offer for an LV bag when my sis was in Paris 2 years ago, if it was me, tak offer pun will offer diri sendiri hehehe

 Our "Arabian Saturday". 
My in laws had kenduri tahlil and doa selamat this week, so I donned the kids in their new jubah and kurta's from Mecca. Comel to the max...
Check out Ranya "combing" her hair. Budak perasan "princess"

Ok this are not the pictures of the same person :)
Left is Ryan and Iman and Right is Ryan and Ranya
Though I can tell their differences in person, sometimes it is harder to do so in pictures because the can really look identical. Thank god they're old enough to recognized their names, you'll see them looking up at you when their names are called.

Anyway, I just found out something hilarious, every day when they reached school, the teachers will do a "tummy check" on the twins to determined who's who. Hahaha kesian my girls everyday kena flash. Life with twins are never boring,huh?

Have an awesome start to your week everyone...

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