Thursday, March 28, 2013

Which way to the Zoo??

We've been wanting to go to the zoo in ages but there's something always stopping us, be it weather, sickness, kenduri-kendara or just plain malas-ness. Last Thursday Lan and I took leave to send my parents in law off to Mekah to perform their umrah. We brought Ryan along as he was on school holidays (wow I have a child who's on school holidays- old haha). 

My PIL checked in around 11am so we had a lot of time on our hands... I had listed down a few pre-schooler friendly places for us to go to such as Petrosains, Taman Burung, Butterfly Park, Shopping complexes (haha) but Lan was adamant that he wanted to go to the zoo (oh well he must have been missing his "friends" at the primate park :p ) so we drove all the way from Putrajaya to Hulu Klang (macam jauh je haha)

We reached the Zoo around 11.30am and the sun was shinning brightly. I quickly changed to my flat-est shoes, insisted on bringing the stroller and digging out the umbrella. I was wearing a jumpsuit and a chiffon top, not the most zoo friendly outfit since I started sweating like crazy before we even reached the ticket counter, but Ryan was excited so that is enough motivation to put some spring in my steps.

The elephant, giraffe, pony, flamingo, landak and camel.
There's more animals picture but it is all in my DSLR.
I shall upload it (one day) into our "travel blog" ok :p
 At the ape centre discussing our next destination.
Ryan was pointing at the map and himself saying - "nak tengok Ayen"
Confused kejap... why would he want to see himself?
ohhhhhh it finally dawned to me...
He wanted to see the LION-Ryan? geddit?
"A day in the life of si peyat..." 
I shall blog more about this (someday ;p) 

 Monkey facts

 Hi I'm Ellie the elephant 
I dont think it is his/her real name. 
I'm just making it up as we go along :p

Anyway we were pretty lucky that 70% of the animals are up and eating when were there.
In fact si Ellie was busy eating sugar cane handed to him non-stop by the other visitors
Ryan was entralled by the process..

 Why they chain the elephants?
Not because they're cruel ok..
It's for their own safety-la

 Miss Giraffe(s)
Who looked happy and kenyang :) 

Bringing the stroller was a good bet
because after 2 hours Ryan was too tired to walk and he got a bit moody.
It guess to hot sun got to him (and me)

Anyway I saw this woman (who I assume is CRAZY)
because she was walking around in an outfit suitable for photoshoot, full face make-up and 5 inch heels (bukan wedges ye.. HEELS)
I have nothing againts heels, in fact I love any form of shoes
but walking around uneven terraces and pathways in those shoes are just plain suicide..
padan muka balik rumah mesti blisters
I told Lan, that she must be from the "blogger tegar" community
self torture in order to get gorgeous IG photos.. hahaha

It was a fun filled activity for a 4 year old who's able to appreciate the animals and the surroundings
I'm happy that Ryan is happy-la
However, the condition of the park is a bit sad, mostly due to the fact that it is undergoing major constructions in some of the habitat areas. Hopefully they'll get more interesting animal back in ASAP
For example the African Lion is missing, yg tinggal is one very bony Asian lioness with not bushy hair -__-
I would also like to suggest some improvement to their "Savannah Park" which really looked like the park in front of my house je hahah

Where to next?
Maybe we should go back to Malacca and bring the kiddies to the Malacca zoo next. If my memory serves me right it is more exciting ohh and I heard the Taiping zoo is not bad as well...
Yeap we shall have a few sessions of Cuti-Cuti Zoo Malaysia planned :)
*in sha allah*

But we shall wait until election is announced ok babies
Selagi tak GE13 jangan harap la nak book any holidays coz daddy is on standby to report for duty :(


Mami Illysha & Iris said...

Last saturday, akak bawa budak2 pergi bluecoral kat KL Tower..

Sampai dekat area masjid negara, we saw a woman jalan kaki (time tu hujan rintik-rintik), pakai selipar jepun, baju kurung merah siap dengan robe & mortar board!!

Tak tahu nak cakap dia tu ok ke tak..

Yang bestnya, Ehsan siap cakap orang tu nak pergi photoshoot. Yealah....Photoshootlah sangat!!!!

~f@R~ said...

Haha Kak Ira.. geram ok bila dressed up tak bertempat ni... far yg pakai flats pun kaki dah sakit.. dia boleh lak ada hati jalan2 dgn kasut bertingkat2...

Heheh hopefully dia mmg ada photoshoot.. sbb pakai robe in public if ur not harry potter memang crazy :p

Mami Illysha & Iris said...

Ha.. lagi satu akak pernah jumpa sorang pompuan ni, pakai heel 5 inci kat Taman Buaya Melaka.. Seriusly, org dok tengok dia aje berjalan instead of tgk buaya tgh buat show!!

Sangat-sangat-sangat annoying ok! Sbb akak pun asyik tengok dia jalan je.. takut dia jatuh kat kolam buaya pulak!!