Thursday, May 16, 2013

The one on my gorgeous fairies...

My children is approaching their half year milestone soon. The twins would be 18 months and Ryan is turning 42 months in June. After reading my friends blog, I realised that I rarely blog about the twins progress as compared to Ryan's, classic 2nd and 3rd child syndrome? Sorry kakak and dedek..hehehe

 Collective Skills
  • Walking, crawling, climbing, squatting and dancing
  • Both are able to imitate Ryan's sports house "cheer"
  • Pandai salam, wave, "group hug" and flying kiss
  • Knock on doors :p and cry when mummy glams up and pakai tudung because they want to follow me out.
  • Can eat on their own (translate to making loads of mess)
  • Able to play, interact and "bergurau" in their own language :) 
  • Both has very strong  but different personalities which leads to a lot of "fights" between them, but at a blink of an eye they'll be back to being BFF.
 Iman @ 17 Months
  • She's the "doer" between the two
  • Love playing "ring around the roses" and will force Ranya and Ryan to take her hand and create the "ring". Will force Ranya to participate even when her sister refuses.
  • She's a bit more tolerant with Ryan being his wing-girl and all :p
  • Obsessed with atuk, can sit on atuk's lap for hours haha
  • Love food :) she eats non-stop 
  • The serious one and more sensitive than Ranya (translate: moodier and suka nangis haha) 
  • Love bathing (or going into the bathroom for the matter) she will insist on going to the loo after peeing and doing her no2. Tried introducing her to the potty this morning with too much success because she don't want to come out from the bathroom -__-
  • Not much of a talker : but she can say mamma, tat (cat), mammam (eat), ayah (atuk :p), abba (abang), berd (bird), dog, nak, tu etc.
  • Hates any form of accessories
 Ranya @ 17 Months
  • This girl has an extensive vocabulary, she can say Allah, Mama, Dada, Abba, nak, mammam, no, star, cat, berd, dog, gajah, bak, there, ok etc.
  • She can "sing/hum" to twinkle2 and sambung the end of the song like - Twinkle2 little STAR, how I wonder what you ARE
  • Loves playing masak-masak and dolls. The girly one :p she loves her necklaces, headbands, fairy wing, you name it, she'll put it on
  • Not much of a walker. She prefers crawling instead, She can walk but it's just that she choose to crawl 60% of the time. I don't know why.
  • She's the happy twin. Cheeky
  • Love food too especially bread
  • Nenek's girl. She's obsessed with their mini stroller, everyday she will force my mum to walk her around the park
  • She's really good with fruit ninja :p this lil girl is very tech savvy
I can't believe that they're going to turn 2 end of the year. Seems like yesterday that I was cuddling these two tiny angels in my arms... *sigh* time flies...

May Allah protect them from harm and provide the with all the goodness, iman and happiness in the world and hereafter. Amin

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