Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The one on running present and past...

One thing awesome about Ryan's preschool is that they are very activity centric. The activities are not just for the kids but it encourages parents-children interaction, so whether you want it or not you'll end up being deeply involved. The activities are very beneficial, I shall blog about it one day.

Anyway Ryan joined his first "Jejak Musafir 2013" programme. It is a 2 days 1 night programme, with trips to the coffee farm and kerepek factory, followed by a "sleepover" at Impian Hotel, Morib. The next day would be the kids Sports Day at the same place. 

A sleepover for a 3.5 years old child? Some question my decision for allowing Ryan to join the activity. Trust me, it was not an easy decision but we saw that the pros outweigh the cons so I said yes.

 The checklist and preparations. 
Serious OCD kan pack baju dalam zip-loc? 
Hahaha actually I did that to assist the teachers. One teacher is responsible of 5 kids. 
Tak ke kesian dia nak kena selongkar the kids bags to dress the up, so I pre-packed the clothing items (i.e underwear,pants,shirts) according to outfits and zip em' up. It is so convenient, I think I shall do the same for my next trip.

 Excited faces of Ryan Daniel getting ready to ride in the bus. 
Some of the kids and parents was all teary but Ryan and I was cool cucumbers :p 
Mostly due to the fact that I'll be staying at the same hotel later

 Trip to kilang kerepek  to "Makan kerepek bawang" he told me :p
This are the other members of Ryan's group (Lucky number 7) 
There's two 6 year old, two 5 year olds and Ryan is the only 4 year old in the group with Teacher Akma taking care of the 5 boys.
He looked so happy hanging with the "older boys"

 At the coffee farm. He even brought back some of the coffee beans. 
He told daddy you have to "smell" it "macam ni" - pastu dia sniff mcm some coffee expert
(All pics are ihsan from stalking his teachers FBs page :p)

 Muka muncung bila mummy visit. 
We had to leave after a bit sebab he was showing signs of merajuk especially seeing adik dressed up in pretty clothes. I think there was a bit of waterworks after we left but I had to go or else he would have refused to joined in the night activities
 Dinner and sembahyang jemaah with the rest of his friends. 
I smsed Teacher Akma that night to checked on Ryan, she told me not to worry and Ryan is doing fine, so I got to spend quality time with Iman and Ranya without having to worry (much ;p)

 The next morning, we got ready early to watch the little tiger play sports. He was in a good mood at first but after seeing his grandad - mulalah buat perangai. I think he was also feeling overwhelmed, what with being away from mummy and daddy the whole night + the crowd + letih etc he finished his "march" and it went downhill from there :p 4 outta 7 of his classmates started throwing tantrums, I felt so bad for the teachers since they had to the deal with the kids from the night before. 

In the end everything was fine, but next year I'm so not going to show my face to him until the end of every activity to ensure full compliance hahaha. To tell you the truth despite of all that, I feel so proud of my little man. Teacher Akma told me he was very cooperative and independent :) He was pretty much diaper free for the whole trip, only took his milk from the bottle once to sleep, dress and fed himself successfully. Alhamdullilah 

Before checking out from our room, Ryan did ask me why can't he stay longer in our chalet since he didnt get to spend the night before with us? I told him we only booked the room for one night and mummy had to go towork and I have no more money to spend . You know what his reply was? 
"takpe mummy mintak nenek ok, nenek banyak duit" ROTFL

More on the trip here : Morib break with the twins :)

My Cousin's Wedding

 While Ryan was busy visiting farms and factories, we attended my cousin Amer wedding. 
Congrats Amer and Munirah Hanis, may you have a blessed life and may you love each other till jannah *in sha Allah*

Amer is  my first BFF :)

We practically grew up together and he's this lil brother that I never had. 
Everyday when my dad sent me to arwah wan's house, he's the first person I seek to play with. I'm very protective over him being a year older and all :p He's a bit of a crybaby, everyday nak merajuk with wan and everyday he will run away from home. Tak jauh pun, he'll just run to our backdoor neighbours house and sat under the "lepak tree" and cry. Everyday I had to run after him and bring him back home. 

One day I got bored and decided to not run after him, and you know wat the lil tyke did? he ran out to the big road all by himself. Thank god Mak Iti managed to alert wan on time and brought him back safely.Suffice to say, he never left my sight after that :p 

He have gone through so much and have turned into such an awesome young man. I could not be any prouder. Alhamdullilah. I'm sure Arwah Wan and Arwah Pak Ngah (his late dad) is looking down on us and is proud of his accomplishments. I wish him all the happiness in the world. Love ya baby brother.

No family wedding is completed without Iman and Ranya trying to steal the show from the bride and the groom. Behold, My gorgeous girls in their hot pink tutus :P

Have a good day ahead everyone......

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