Monday, May 20, 2013

The one on turning 25 (aka BIG 30)

I hate mind games (usually) so if I want something I usually just tell people what I want to save everyone the trouble of seeing me sulk :p So in the usual Far's fashion, I told Lan what I wanted to do and where I want to go for my birthday. He just needs to pay for it haha... I think he secretly likes that arrangement because it saved him a lot of headache.

For parents with small children, you can appreciate how difficult it is to get a nice family photo especially for the purpose of turning it into a canvas print to showcase at your home. I've given up on doing it myself and have commissioned for the pros to help me capture precious pics of  my lil family. My 30th birthday seems like a good occasion as any, being vain and a bit of a camHo and all haha. It went as well as it could with the 3 little munchkins running around :p

(p/s: will blog on it as soon as I get the official pics from the studio)

The love of my life
I've imposed a pink and blue colour theme for my family on my birthday :p The children is too young to argue, the husband don't think it was worth the argument, so I got my way as usual hahaha
A slice of pavlova is more than enough :) I still have leftovers cake from my office birthday celebration. Sadly no one but me eats cake at home = kegemukan melampau
My BFF : The reason I smile, laugh, cry, scream, stress out. My darling firstborn Ryan Daniel who was singing birthday song for me all day.
My husband looks so young in this pic. I no like haha
We went to Paradigm Mall after the photo shoot. Despite all of the new and yummy restaurant there, we chose the one which is the most children friendly : Chilli's. Everybody is happy :) I guess when you have small children you tend to go for comfort rather than class :p Fine dining shall be reserved until they are all older. Lan and I are they type of parents that will drag the kids EVERYWHERE we go. We just don't feel complete leaving the children behind on such an important day despite the mess and chaos :p
Presents from the girlies. Love love them, it's all so me :p Ohhh and I received the most awesome glitter shawl & silk blouse from Cath which I love.  Had dinner with the parents. Lan still owes me a gift because I can't decide.....

What I want for my birthday........ hahahahah

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