Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Half Time...

We've just entered July 2013 and 6 months has since passed since New Year.  I think this is a good time as any to compile all of Ryan's pictures to capture the activities that he had done in school in a blog post before I accidentally deleted any. Maybe one day when he is older, I can show him this post for memory sake.

The problem with school activities is I'm not there to capture the moments myself, so we had to rely on pictures that are posted on FB by Ryan's class teachers. I had to painstakingly go through each and every picture, combing through everyone, mentally playing "Spot Ryan Daniel" game in my mind. Sometimes I had to go through like 78 pictures before finding ONE picture of Ryan :p Oh well, short of hiring a professional photographer to follow him around in school, I should just be thankful that there is SOME pics of Ryan available for my viewing and enjoyment. For parents who complaint about this arrangement, I suggest home schooling, mesti boleh ambik gambar anak anda berjela-jela huhu
Ryan's First Trip to the Nursery to learn about plants in conjunction of "Green Week"
Ryan with his classmate and his other teachers
Ryan's Second School Trip was to KidZania.
I think the bus ride was what interest him the most oh and the chance to become a fireman.
No picture of that, but I do have 2 pics of him having lunch hahaha
Waiting in line, I managed to spot him by his shoe.
Always the smallest one :) Ryan the Builder
Ryan's kindy is also huge on Parent-Child activity. So we joined in the "Fun English at the Park" activity where we had to choose 5 park related words to complete the task
Hehehe had our "picnic like breakfast" together. I remembered making Ryan offer kuih to the rest of his classmates and parents. Some of them look at Ryan as if he wanted to mugged them. Didn't even bother to say "no thank you", just had this masam face and shook their head NO. How la to teach kids manners if the "orang tua" pun so RUDE!!! *sigh*
Ryan's assignment is to draw, write and memorize 5 new English words weekly
Doing his homework diligently :)
Alhamdullilah full marks :) 

Ryan first school holiday assignment was to choose an animal and create a scrap book with all the relevant information.
He choose SHARK of course :p
and me being the standard "kiasu mum" decided that ONE visual aid is not enough, so I helped Ryan make this papier mache shark from an old water bottle and newspaper :) we shall see if I can keep up the momentum in two year where I have to help 3 preschoolers with their homework...

Ryan's 3rd School Trip to Ladang Kopi and Kilang Kerepek in Morib
Sports Day in Impian Hotel, Morib
4th School Trip to Hi5 Bread Factory in Shah Alam and Shah Alam Library.
He's the one in the middle doing the Ultraman pose :p
The members of Pink Class (4 year old class), celebrating their friends birthday in school. Now Ryan wants to celebrate his birthday too. I kept on having to explain to him that his birthday is a long way to go and since it is on a school holiday, probably most of his friends won't be around to celebrate with him...

Alhamdullilah, Ryan seems to be enjoying school very much and I can see a lot of positive changes in him so far. May the progress continues and hopefully his second half of the year would be as fun and educational as the first one. In sha Allah :)


Anonymous said...

Bestnya school Ryan banyak activity-Ila

~f@R~ said...

yup banyak activity which I bet my 3.7 year old finds very interesting :)