Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Keep calm coz it was an awesome weekend :)

Since it is the week before Ramadhan, we tried to cram in as many activities that we could. Alhamdullilah, it was one of those tiring weekend that leave you fulfilled rather than just plain exhausted :) 

After Ryan's morning class, Ryan and I sped off to Coffee Societe, Publika for Reebok's 30th Birthday and Bridal shower Instagram theme celebration :p
Saturday morning was well spent with my lovely ladies :
My "kakak" Tini, our fave dentist Dr. Aimee, Party organizer/yellow minion Kelwa and Hanis.
Food was not bad and I enjoyed the settings and party deco :)
With my BFF and bodyguard : Ryan Daniel who patiently played and waited for mummy while she ate and gossiped. Of course he conveniently "pau" mummy for an army tanker and a book before we met up with my girlfriends..

Had dinner with the girls at one of our fave food stalls because I felt guilty leaving them at nenek's house in the morning.
  SUNDAY: 070713

We started our Sunday with a simple pancake breakfast while our gardener mows the lawn (ahhh the smell of freshly cut grass is awesome). After tidying up, we had lunch at my mum's place and moved the party to my in laws place :p 

The girls doing their fave past time activity : CLIMBING. Terkenan Abang Ryan minat Spiderman kot when I was pregnant with them :p
Late evening and after much coaxing from Ryan, we stopped by Aeon Bukit Tinggi for Pizza. Once the kids is filled to the brim with soup, garlic bread and pizza, we dragged them to the play gym (can't remember the name) where they spent an hour climbing, running, rocking and bouncing of bouncy castles :) 

Iman Khadeeja : The resident spidergirl, even her girly princessy dress can't deter her climbing activities :)
Ranya Fatimah: Dedek yg loud and manja. She love singing and humming softly to herself. I should really take a picture of her doing that one of these days :)
My superhero Ryan Daniel : The twins looked up to him and copy his every move. This is good because they pick up new skills set fast, but also bad because they will also pick up on some of his negative habits :p oh well you win some you lose some :P
The girls playing peekaboo. My lil babies are now speaking, running and jumping toddlers. I do miss the times when they were tiny wriggling newborns in my arms. We're currently sorting out their baby stuff and giving away, selling and donating mana yang patut. Feeling a bit bittersweet because my babies are all growing up so fast and even more so now that Ryan is not only diaper free but also bottle free :) Alhamdullilah we managed to wean him off right on our target date which is when he turned 3 years and 6 months :) Apart from having a bit of a problem sleeping for the first week, tossing and turning before bedtime, there was no tantrums or fall out. Good job, Ryan!!!
The siblings during their "bff" moments. I wish I can freeze time and keep them happy and protected from the cruel world and even crueler people in it. That won't happen but I always pray that Allah will bless all my children with the very best. In Sha Allah :)
Alhamdullilah, Allah has given us the opportunity to "enjoy" another Ramadan, so let's make full use of it and strive to be better Muslims at the end of the month (forever). Let's curb all of our vices (esp extreme shopaholic tendency on my part) and spend more time doing good for others and be thankful for our blessings. I'm desperately trying to remind myself that as a middle class, university educated, mother of 3 beautiful children, wife of a loving man and daughter of doting parents have nothing to be sad and ungrateful about when our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Syria, Egypt and Myanmar will be spending their Ramadan in fear and poverty. How's that for putting things in perspective? 


Sha said...

It is time for another baby far haha

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lambat lagi mau fikir :p