Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The one with chicken pox.....

Ryan has chicken pox. It started with mild fever over the weekend and he woke up yesterday with watery spots on his body. He's vaccinated so we're hoping (and it looks like) the effect won't be so major. He seems fine yesterday, despite several complaints of itchiness and some fussing during bedtime, at least he was not throwing major tantrums of any sorts.

My worry is that Iman has caught the bug. She was also down with fever on Monday but doctor said it was due to sore throat. At that time no one was aware that Ryan was hatching chicken pox virus within him, now that we know, Iman is on major spot alert.

Anyway we're feeding the girls with pro-biotic to enhance their immune system.  I'm quite worried over the effect on the twins as they're not vaccinated yet. Their shots was due last month along with their MMR booster, but their pediatrician clinic was out of chicken poxvaccines,  so now all we can do is hope and pray that they did not catch it. Other than make them sleep in different rooms, not much can be done to separate the 3 as the girls hero worship Ryan and follow him all around the house :p

 Oh well the doctor did say it is very likely the girls WILL catch it now that Ryan has it but effects on babies are usually very mild as compared to adults. I'm just hoping that it won't be around Raya week coz that would be an extra "interesting" celebration for our family...

 A picture of my lil man slathered in calamine lotion. He's secretly happy because he can stay with Atuk and not go to school. Kept on telling me "Ayen holiday 2 days" - Ignore the fact that he's been out of school THREE days already hahaha

When I had my bout of contact dermatitis, my dermatologist suggested this brand of body cleanser along with its lotion. Alhamdullilah it worked very well for me, so I decided to buy a bottle for Ryan. We've been bathing Ryan a few times a day with this and it does help with the itchiness. Thank god because this ain't cheap :( Oh and we keep Ryan in air conditioned room 80% of the time to ensure no excessive sweating = no itching = no scratching :p

So far so good... I'm still standing despite the lack of sleep. Oh well a bit of a test during Ramadhan, I reckoned 


Sha said...

Get well soon handsome Ryan

~f@R~ said...

Thanks auntie :)