Thursday, December 19, 2013

December = Family Time

December is an extra special month for our family :)
1. Because it's Ryan, Iman and Ranya's birthday month
2. There's a lot of holidays for mummy and daddy
3. School holidays for Ryan

Lan and I usually make a bit more effort in December to take leave to spend time with the kiddies doing family activities. Not that we don't spend time together in other months but since Ryan is on school holidays it is easier to bring him out without interrupting his school activities/timetable. 

So these are some of our December 2013 activities that we managed to cooked up for our little ones:

2 days 1 night trip to Genting Highlands.

We stayed in Awana and later took the kids up for their first cable car ride :) The twins was a tad bit quiet but Ryan enjoyed it very much.

Too cute la this little girl in her sweater dress and pearl necklace :) 

Blue Coral Aquarium, KL Tower & Pavillion KL

On the much hyped out date -> 111213: We went to Blue Coral Aquarium for an early celebration of the twins birthday since Lan was away on 121213 (their actual birth date) for a course. Not that it matters to the twins :p

If you're planning to visit Blue Coral check out more info here:Our Visit to Blue Coral Aquarium
But to cut a long story short it was only a 5/10 experience for us as the place is very small and crowded with not much fishes.

So we moved on to Pavillion where Ryan took a ride on the carousel. This cheered him out because he was complaining about the "small sharks" non-stop earlier.

With my "cinta hati". 
I don't get to eat a proper meal, my tudung senget, my sleep interrupted when these 3 is around, but life without them around has little meaning. Alhamdullilah for them, ya Allah. 

 2 weeks short from turning 4, Lan finally gave me the green light to bring Ryan to the cinema . Malas nak rehash his excuses and "reasoning" :p . Anyway the only kid-friendly movie was "Frozen", Ryan and I enjoyed it and he manage to keep still. We're already planning on our next outing to go watch "Walking with the Dinosaurs" end of this month
Check out Ranya coloring her brother's Spiderman book. This little girl love her books and coloring. Shall go get her some new books and her own art supplies
Ryan working on a new project with mummy. I shall post out the finished products soon. So proud of my little man handy work :)

Our December adventure is far from over, can't wait for Project Birthday 2013 which is coming very soon *in sha allah*

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