Monday, December 2, 2013

The wonders of playing with dirt...

Maybe it's turning 30 but I've recently acquired an interest in gardening....

I mean I've always love flowers (which girl don't,huh?) but this is the "kinda find me on all fours, digging dirt, trying to avoid worms" kinda love. I find it to be very therapeutic, being able to "berbakti kepada tanah" :p

When stressed out I usually turned to retail therapy which usually results in burning a hole in my pocket and me spending hard earned money on things I want but don't necessary need. With gardening the satisfaction is on a whole new level. I love waking up in the morning seeing my flowers blooming and basking in the sweet smell of roses :)

 Loving the colours : The real eye candy *masya Allah*

My husband should be thankful because in case he ever need to give me emergency flowers he can always run outside and pick this up :p 

Yummy belimbing buluh...sliced this up into your masak lemak or turned it into sambal hitam.
 I've recently graduated to edible plants. Trying my hands in planting red chillies and tomatoes. Wish me luck, if this works it will mean cost saving and clean and organic food :)

I recently burned my fingers after getting splashed with hot oil, after the pain have subsided a bit, I put fresh aloe vera leaves from the garden for cooling effect..Alhamdullilah, felt so much better after that. This plant is also awesome for the hair, arwah nenek used to put it on my hair  :)

A new hobby which can help feed my family, good for health and at the same time makes my house prettier and smell wonderful. What not to like, huh? :p

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