Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Reflection

The last day of 2013....

2013 has been quite kind to me. Alhamdullilah...

We managed to get some traveling done in and out of Malaysia. Marveling in the different cultures and seeing the world :) Love that the children managed to learn new things from our trips and hopefully it will help shape the way they view the world, one day... 

In Sha Allah more trips to come....

Throughout 2013 I see Ryan, Iman and Ranya thrive mentally, emotionally, physically etc They are learning so fast and I hope Lan and I can provide them with good examples that they need. They each have new interest, acquired new skills and is fiercely interested in learning. So my new year resolution is to do my best to play more with them, indulge in loads of creative play and learn session and minimize their usage of smart phones/tablets.

Major accomplishment of 2013 : They only play with the tablets if we have to travel or in need of major distraction (during long majlis or something) I can safely say they play with my tablet about 5-8 times a month and  at the very most around 10 minutes)

We need to work harder on TV time though...Need to MAJORLY supervise the kind of shows Ryan watch on TV. Urrrgghhh the quality of cartoons nowadays is horrible. Too much fighting (Ultraman and the likes of it), stupid gags (Spongebobs) and horrible language ( benci shows like Boyboyboy and Bola Kampung, the aku and kau is one thing, but "bodoh" "tak guna" etc on a CHILDREN SHOW is unacceptable)

I can't control the things they watch in Kindy but we try our best to limit these shows at home. Ryan has been asking for some of these programs but I said NO because I truly don't see any benefits to the kiddies anyway. We try and stick with shows like Sesame Street, Upin & Ipin, Prophet Cartoons (Ryan managed to retell stories of Nabi Yusof and Nabi Nuh already, how awesome is that??) and SOME Disney cartoons like Doc McStuffins (No-no to major princess exposure - this is more Daddy than Mummy :p)

The twins are sleep trained successfully Alhamdullilah.They sleep in their own bed which is adjoined to our bed, two more years until they sleep in their own room.

2014 baby training plans (In Sha Allah) :
  1. Ryan to start sleeping in his own room in February 2014 (in sha Allah) I'm kind of nervous.At the moment he's quite excited at the prospect of choosing his night light and bed sheets, but we shall see how this will go.
  2. Potty Training & bottle weaning the twins : Hahaha this will be an adventure of its own... not one but TWO little girls, wish me luck. Ryan was off the bottle & diapers around 3.5 years, we're aiming for the same timeline with the twins but decided to start a bit earlier this time around. No harm right? :p

There are some "off moments" and bad decisions made in 2013. I rather not highlight them. Dwelling in negative stuff brings nothing but misery. With all the happenings all around the country and the world, it is best we prepare for the worst but pray and hope for the best. May Allah blessed all of us with an awesome 2014.

But for the time being : Alhamdullilah, Alhamdullilah, Alhamdullilah for the blessing that has been bestowed upon me and my family so far...

Signing off for 2013. See you next year In Sha Allah :)


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