Thursday, January 16, 2014

Project Birthday 2013 (Part 1)

Another long overdue post on the munchkins birthday celebration :p

12 December 2013: Iman and Ranya's Birthday

Lan was away for work on the date of Iman and Ranya's 2nd birthday, since we managed to celebrate earlier on, I bought the twins a chocolate cake from Village Grocer for them to cut at home. Loving their expression when I brought out the cake, they were estatic :) 
Ranya trying to pick on the chocolate slivers :) 

Iman happy face. MasyaAllah that smile, gets to my heart everytime...

We bought the gift for school and party favours wholesale from GM Klang at a very reasonable price. We wanted something the kids can enjoy and use. Again we managed to go "jajan" free this year. We got a mixture of Princess Sofia/Tinkerbell/Disney Princess things for the girls. For the boys Ryan chose Avengers and Spiderman stuff. We bought some bags, stationary sets, puzzles, playdoh and packet cakes to complete the gift bags. Hope the kids enjoyed it...

20 December 2013: Ryan Daniel's Birthday Celebration @ Taska

Ryan wanted to celebrate his birthday in school with his friends for as long as I remembered. At first Lan and I thought of just supplying the party favours, but Ryan begged for a cake. A Superman cake to be precise :p Since we already ordered a personalized Batman cake for his birthday celebration in KFC, I told him "NO WAY" as I do not want to spend so much on birthday cakes in ONE month. 
He tried to persuade me to bake the cake for him instead but I was really busy that week and the oven was a bit nuts so that didn't happen :p Ryan finally settled for a small chocolate cake from Wondermilk which he and I jazzed up with MnMs, lollipops and sprinkles instead.

Looks so yummy, kan?

Hehehe all up and ready to bring his cake to school

Celebration pictures taken by his teachers

Cute... love the kids expression :)

He was so happy he came back and told me it was so much fun, hugged me tight and said "Ryan sayaaaanngg mummy" heheh After that he asked for another birthday celebration "facepalm"

Anyway we also did a doa selamat for the kids and to give thanks for 2013 blessing at our surau :) Ryan was so excited to follow atuk and daddy for his "doa selamat birthday" and even did his Maghrib and Isyak prayers at the surau. Balik tu terus cerita "mummy tadi kan tok imam tu cakap Ryan comel, tapi Ryan handsome kan? mana ada comel, tu untuk budak kecik je" hahah Ryan... Ryan...

"Ryan nak pakai baju syeqal beli kat kelantan boleh tak, mummy??"

Will upload pics from our KFC Triple Birthday Celebration soon...

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