Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Project Birthday 2013 (Part 2)

Event: Triple Birthday Celebration to celebrate Ryan, Iman and Ranya's Birthday :) 
Date : 28 December 2013 (Saturday)
Venue: KFC Extreme Park, Shah Alam

*warning: this is a picture heavy post* 

We choose to celebrate the children's birthday in KFC this year. Main reason for not holding the party at home is because I do not want to cook and clean up (haha) But me being me, I still went bonkers planning decorations, Ryan and I had so much fun working on the deco's together. 

Since it was a shared party, I had to come up with a theme suited for Ryan, Iman and Ranya. Naturally, Ryan wanted something superhero which was kinda easy to set up, coming up with a theme for Iman and Ranya is a bit tricky so I mixed a little bit of everything from Elmo, Tinkerbell and the Disney Princesses. For their outfit, we got Ryan a cute Batman outfit and the twins recycled their Disneyland Snow White and Rapunzel dresses :)
The Deco and Food

The Dessert Table : KFC has an outside food restriction but they made some exemptions for desserts like birthday cakes and "jajan". For the dessert table, I ordered Ryan a Batman birthday cake,matching cupcakes and mini pavlova from The Baking Fairies. For the twins I chose the adorable Grace Kelly cake from Wondermilk. For added deco I stuck a Tinkerbell and Snow White figurine on top of the cake. I also prepacked some yummy flavoured popcorns from Popcorn World, icing biscuits and some candies in some DIY decorated boxes,
My little man chose this cake design himself after making me google "Batman Cakes" on the search engine -__-

DIY photo props and pop up books on the center table

Party favours from KFC and some additional ones we prepared for our mini VIP guests

Food buffet by KFC.
You're given 3 options according to the number of your guest.
We choose Options C to cater for 40-50 guest

Chiky Meals for the little ones 
We had a choice between nuggets and fried chicken so we ordered 10 boxes of each to give the kids options

The "Penyeri Majlis"

We invited mostly family and just close friends to celebrate the happy day with us :) Ryan was the life of the party (as always) Iman and Ranya was a bit reserved, I guess the crowd and some unfamiliar faces scare them a little...

The girlies : Farisa, Najwa, Irma, Iena and Rinie :)

Reza and Syer and the very content Hareez at the back 

Atuk and Mak Long supervising the little ones :) Ryan terrorizing his Induk Alia as always hehe

Batman engaging in a fist fight with his Tok Chek

My traditional costume wearing princess making their debut :p
Farisa and Najwa who came straight after a wedding

Mrs Tinie and Ienano with their precious cargos running around

Lil miss newlywed, who was in KL for a short trip

Irma who I have not seen since Ryan's first birthday :p

The Celebration

At the end of the party Chicky made an appearance during cake cutting. 
Iman is scared of Chicky but thank god she didn't cry but she totally refused to look at him the whole time haha

My cinta hati(s) and a chicken :p
Cake cutting time for Iman and Ranya

As a part of the package, a party personnel was around to help us with the organizations and activities. The kids were kept entertained with 3 games, so cute watching the blur munchkins trying to follow orders. Thank god for my cousins who was around to "facilitate". Anyway a shout out to our friendly and helpful party personel (I think her name is Zura) we had so much fun :)

My shy shy cat princesses :)

Chicken Dance time :)

Until Next Time *inSyaAllah*

My babies are so blessed and spoiled with so much rizq. Thank you for the toys, books and awesome learning tools ( supplies, telescopes etc). I appreciate the effort of everyone getting them educational toys. Hahaha macam tau2 je perangai mak dia macam mana kan? *alhamdullilah* and triple thanks from all of us...

At the end of the day, many thanks to Allah for giving me the opportunity and means to throw this birthday party for Ryan, Iman and Ranya  who totally enjoyed themselves. We are also blessed with the attendance of family and friends near and far :) So good to catch up and watch the smiles on the little kiddies face.

So until next time :p I have a feeling that Project Birthday 2014 would be a more low key affair possibly somewhere outside the state (or country??) Oh well a girl can dream *toodles*

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