Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sharing the Khayr

When I first heard about IlmFest 2014 I was intrigued. It sounded interesting, it looked interesting but was I willing to sacrifice my weekend to attend a talk? I'm quite ashamed to admit it but the thought did passed through my mind. Anyway, I'm glad that I managed to ignore the devil whisperings telling me not to go and bought the tickets instead. Alhamdullilah I managed to learn a lot from the sessions.

It is a 2 days conference where 15 knowledgeable speakers gather to share their knowledge on Islam, in this case Nabi Muhammad S.A.W specifically, there's talks about the prophet's sirah, his characters as a husband, friend, messenger of Allah and more. I totally loved the way the talks was conducted, it was fun and it was informal, most of the speakers are funny and also "up to date" and not the typical boring long winded ceramah where the only emphasized is on your sins and how everyone is going to hell. Inshaallah if there's rizq and opportunity I will gladly attend another session. 

I took some notes during the talk via twitter, so just sharing some knowledge I managed to acquire during the sessions. Most of the notes is quite relevant to parenting, a topic close to heart. To tell you the truth I'm deathly petrified of the responsibilities of raising my 3 children, hopefully some of the tips will help me to be better muslim, parent and wife (haha kesian Lan now come in third :p) 

I found this on IG under the #Ilmfest hastag.Hopefully the owner don't mind me sharing :) Love the message which I missed as I did not managed to attend the late evening/night sessions.

 Day 1:With the super adorable Auntie Juju in tudung. Lawakan? hehe

 Day 2: Ryan with his two makciks, Auntie Najwa and Auntie Juju

My super duper companion, saham akhirat Ryan Daniel. He accompanied me for 7 hours on the first day and another 4 hours on the second day with very little fuss. Alhamdulliah, received many compliments on my little man good behavior. I was a bit worried to tell you the truth since I know for a fact that this little boy can be hyperactive when he wants to be :p Allah did answer my prayers for him to ease my way to learn new ilm last weekend hehehe

 Bought kiddy sejadah for the troops. 
They loved the colorful police car and hot air balloon motives on it.

I also got these mini hijabs for the twins. They need to "practice" with the tudungs as they would need to wear one next year for preschool. Ranya loved it but Iman refuses to wear it for long. Takpela kakak, baby steps ok...

Have a good week everyone inshallah :)

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