Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The one on Baby Spa and Baby Swim...

I received an invitation from Kak Evi to attend the Grand Opening of her newly opened baby spa in Publika called Little Spa Kingdom. Ryan and the twins have just recently recovered from a bout of fever and teething pains so I decided all 3 deserved a bit of a treat from mummy. I made appointments for baby swim for the twins and a haircut for Ryan :)

We were greeted by an array of awesome goodies at the entrance. Ryan (and his mum) was super excited seeing the cupcakes and cookies all ready to fill his little tummy 

The changing table for baby massage and the jacuzzi for baby swim. I love the colorful decor, so warm and inviting. I choose to try "baby swim" for the girls because I know they love water. The spa also offers baby yoga and massage, children manicure and children hairstyling. 

What is baby swim? During baby swim sessions, the baby will be made to "swim" in a tub of heated water where they are encouraged to move comfortably with the help of the flotation device. Awesome exercise for children from 0 to 36 months and they can learn to kick and peddle in the tub with adults assistance.

The twins had fun. Cik Puan Ranya graduated from the "baby" float to the normal ones within minutes and was happily kicking and floating on her own. Iman was a bit scared of the therapist at first but they managed to calm her enough to change into their swim diapers and get into the jacuzzi. Once she's in the water all worries are forgotten and she started to happily swim with her little sister.

Ahhhhhhhhhh total bliss after a hard day of playing and drinking milk  >__<

Packages for boys over 4 years old is pretty limited but I still made appoinment for Ryan to get a haircut. Someone was stewing over the fact that he did not get to swim and even complained to me the night before "asyik-asyik adik, kenapa kena pergi pool kecik, pergila bawak Ryan pergi pool besar" Thank god they had face painting as an activity for the grand opening, pacified this little pakcik a bit having a crab drawn on his cheeks ;p

A haircut in a Beemer, yo!!!

Ryan and Aunt Juju enjoying freshly made cotton candy

All of us enjoyed our visit to Little Spa Kingdom, would surely bring the twins in for another session of baby swim one of these days and I'm also planning on trying out the "Princess Hairstyling Package" for them once their hair is a bit longer. For the time being don't rat me out to Ryan ok, nanti dia jealous hahaha

If you're interested, do check out their website for more info on the packages and prices : Little Spa Kingdom


Sha said...

Abang Ryan jealous ke? how cute, jom datang rumah auntie boleh swim

~f@R~ said...

hahah rumah auntie jauh laaa...