Friday, May 16, 2014

The one on being another year older...

Alhamdullilah, I'm another year older. Hopefully with the added year under my belt I will be bestowed with more wisdom and patience :) 

I had a simple celebration this year, starting with a short holiday in PD during the weekend, movies with Ryan and my sister during the public holiday and a day ALONE for me to unwind during the B-day itself. I told Lan the only thing I really really wanted for my birthday is for a super spic and span clean house for the whole week. That is a pretty much impossible request but currently it is about 80% there so I'm pretty happy. 
I saw this quote earlier this week and it is currently stuck in my head. For the past 31 years, I've celebrated many many things and experienced a lot (good and bad). When relieving past events, sometimes I can't help but want to feel those achievement/experience again, going places, doing things but current responsibilities/situation may not allow for that. At least not NOW. 

So I'm learning to slowly accept that though I may have plans, Allah is the better planner. I need to always have faith and be thankful with what I currently have : loving family, supportive husband, gorgeous, intelligent and healthy children. I have so much so I'm not going to sit and wallow about the few things that I don't. So Alhamdullilah again for another chance to wake up and be a better person. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and presents. I totally  appreciate the effort and love *muacks*
 With my buah hati pengarang jantung :)
Thanks for everything, love
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Good movie :) Movie reviews coming soon....

15052104: My Birthday Dinner

 Because birthday cakes is overrated ;p


Look at Iman's pose behind me. GERAM!!!

The best birthday wish goes out to my dad. Awwww so sweet kan :) hehehe


Anonymous said...

your dad is very sweet laa

Far said...

hehe kan :)