Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The one on Fire Station and Inherited Kiasuness

I love arts and crafts. It is just one of those things that I don't mind having to cleaned up the mess after. I can sit happily one whole day doing one of my creative projects: scrap booking, refurnishing old furniture, finger painting with the kids etc. 

So when I found out that Ryan is expected to build a 3d object as a part of his Parent-Child school holiday project, I totally jumped at the chance. I went online finding for inspirations (and at the same time practically hijacking the whole project -_-) In the end after a toss between a papier mache dinosaurs model from the Jurassic era and a fire station, the boss Ryan Daniel decided to go with "Fireman Sam's House " :p Mummy have to keep her "dry ice" volcano plans for next time (mak dia memang kiasu sikit haha)

First order of plan is to get Ryan to start drawing a "blueprint" for his fire station. To tell you the truth, I never plan my "creative projects". I'm more of a trial and error kinda girl and I tend to experiment a lot. This is of course not the trait that I would like my 5 year old baby to inherit, so I explained to  him my general plans and told him to draw his expectations on a piece of paper :) See?  a lesson on structure, something that his mummy struggle with until today hehe


Next we collected 2 shoes boxes, tape, straw, alimium foil, milk cartoon, art blocks and started assembling his fire station and fire truck.  I did most of the assembling because again, the plan is mostly in my head and there's no way I would let Ryan play with sharp blades. Ryan helped me with the taping and wrapping.

I got this idea to build the fire truck after watching an episode of "Art Attack". So easy ok, parents should try it at home :) It took me less than 15 minutes to assemble this.

The next day while his little sisters were taking their afternoon naps, Ryan and I started painting the models. The painting was 80% done by Ryan, mummy just did some touch ups and I tried teaching  him some lessons about "shading" which he totally ignored.

After the paint has dried, we started assembling the "things that can be found in a fire station". We searched for pictures in accordance to the scale of our model and printed it out. Ryan later cut off the printout and started assembling and pasting it on his model.
Final product. Alhamdullilah. Ryan and I worked hard on this project and we're both so happy with the results. Thank god we didn't do some half way job because most of the other parents and children put in a lot of effort in their art work too. At least I know Ryan can stand tall and won't be embarrassed during show and tell.

Atuk also brought him to the Klang Fire Station so that he can have an idea on how a real life fire station looked like. Ryan enjoyed the trip and was so happy that he got to ride on a real fire truck :)

Thank you Mr. Fireman!!!not only are they busy saving lives and putting off fire but they also made this little boy felt so welcome with their hospitality that Ryan can't stop talking about his trip to  anyone who would listen.

Anyway, stay tune for next year, we shall see if mummy can find the energy and ideas to create not one but THREE models for all 3 children. Memang kena cuti seminggu la jawabnya nak buat :p I know some people would say "Alah, suruhla Lan buat satu" . I'll be like....
Not that I don't trust my husband's creativity (or lack of it hahaha) but I'm a too much of control freak to let that happen :p Sorry, B. You can clean up after we've made the mess if you want....

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