Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The one with a farm and skypark...

Gosh I can't believe that it is already June. Felt like we just celebrated new year. Next thing I know it would be December. Anyway Ryan is in the middle of his school holiday, we did not planned for any trip this time around, more like impromptu visits as and when the opportunity appears :)

Despite the school holidays, Iman and Ranya's timetable is pretty much the same. We still sent Ryan to kindy but signed him up for "Hafazan AlQuran classes" schedule on the second week of his holidays. I'm also scouting for other art/music classes to fill his time to avoid boredom on his end. On our end we try to find some fun activities for him to do at home during the weekends and not forgetting to start constructing his 3D model "homework" to be submitted on 16/06/2014. I don't know how I'll fare next year with 3 kids in pre-school *pengsan*

My parents and Ryan was away last weekend to attend a wedding in Perak. Lan, the twins and myself had to stay home because daddy was busy with work and can't take leave :p  When my parents came back from Perak my cousins Anis and Yanni tagged along, my mind started concocting plans for a quick trip to the petting zoo. Been wanting to visit "Farm in the City" since I first saw a bunch of pictures of people taking the trip there on Instagram. Managed to convinced Lan to make the last minute trip, dangling the fact that we have two extra babysitters at our disposal who can help distract Ryan (haha I'm horrible, I know) The fact that the farm is nearby also helped my case :)

It was a good trip. For more review and photos CLICK ME

We decided to checked out One City Skypark for lunch. I think the shops are not fully opened yet but they do have quite a variety of restaurants available. However, my cousins are not the adventurous type so we opted for Secret Recipe 

There's a huge checkers and snake and ladder board for some competition. Looks cool seeing people throwing giant dices around.

 Ryan and Maksu Yanni enjoying their desserts

The kiddos taking a walk on the skywalk. I was too chicken to walked on it. Gayat ok. Anyway I saw some makcik/amoi wearing jubah/skirts walking through this. Macam not appropriate kot sebab, people downstairs looking up may get a glimpsed of your undies. Given it is 10 level up but still........

 walking in the rain with my handsome fella. Thank god we always carry an umbrella in the stroller. The "ultraman" pose have taken over the "peace" sign thanks to pengaruh rakan sebaya. I think so anyway-lah since Lan and I don't really encourage watching the show at home.

Adik(s) was strapped safely in the stroller since it was drizzling. Abang got to walk about for a while since mummy wants to take photos. Hahaha anyway loved this shot of my little man.

So where to next? Can't wait to discover new places with my little munchkins.

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