Thursday, October 2, 2014

Iman and Ranya takes kindy...

Rushing to post these pictures of Iman and Ranya I got from their "school" FB page. Learned a very painful lesson last weekend when all my pics from my hp was accidentally deleted because my SD card became corrupted *cries* Thank god I had saved a bunch of pictures from our recent activities into my office laptop last week.

Currently, posting my pics on my blog seems to be the safest way to store pics especially since we hardly make hard copies of pictures anymore. Sadly on the same day my hp decided to go crazy, I had to also bid farewell to my personal laptop of 8 years. Hopefully I will manage to retrieve the pictures in the laptop hard drive soon :( Yes, it is in fact a series of  unfortunate events *sigh* Good things to come? Hopefully *inshaAllah*

Anyway, check out the following pics of the twinnies school activities for the year 2014. 

Hari Raya 2014 Celebration

The twins are the one in pink jubah with pink hairband. Short of circling their heads, I really don't know how to make their presence in this picture stand out hehe

Everyday school and Arts & Craft Activities

Iman and Ranya rarely sits together during class activities, I wonder if the teachers consciously separates them or if it was their own personal choice. Oh well, whatever makes you happy my little darlings

  3 more months before they move to big girl school to joing Abang Ryan. Praying for the best hehe *Amin*

 Review of our trip to ICity Shah Alam is up on my travel blog -->  iCity Adventure

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